Saturday, August 18, 2007


We were excited to see this because I really like 40 yr old virgin. Talledegah Nights was just ok. Actually, it was really irritating and Micah Cohen was the only funny thing about the whole movie.

This movie was too long and drawn out. Like SNL, there were sketches that worked and quite a few that didn't and should have been edited and left on the cutting room floor. I kept trying to place where the skinny kid and now I realize he's from Arrested Developement.

The acting was ok. I felt that they threw in crass vulgarity in every other word for the sake of it . Was it funny? Somewhat. Was I rolling on the floor? NO. The last time that happened was the scene from There's something about Mary and Wedding Crashers.

I can't believe parents would take their kids to see this. When I got up, I saw a group of tweens w/ their parents in the row behind us. WTF? Are you for real? They should really think 2x before thinking they're really "cool" parents to take their kids to see this. Sure there wasn't any nudity but the profanity became a bit irritating.

The "gay" subtext throughout the whole movie with the gay slurs, dick comments, and "friendship" shit was odd? I mean it could have been played out to it's fullest and be SOUTH PARK hilarious. But no...just a chuckle. huh huh huh...

The ending was cute. So definitely a matinee worthy movie. And a B-.

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Gonzo said...

Lynne and I are pumped for this movie...probably gonna check it out tomorrow.