Thursday, August 16, 2007


Lynne says that retail human resources is one of the hardest positions out there. I'm here to say it IS the worst job period. I really don't think kids today have any work ethics and most, if any, take pride or put any extra effort into taking ownership. I remember all my previous jobs and regardless of what they were, I always put in 120% each and every day.

I'm lucky to get 2 weeks notice if that. Lately, the staff have been giving me a day or 3 or 5. We recently hired a girl who I felt was refreshing, fun, and energetic. She's only been on the floor 4 days and I received a call today that because her dad recently passed away and now her grandma is sick, she is emotionally incapable of working. There's nothing I can do. I asked her if working would allow her to not focus on the sadness but put a bit of distraction in her days so that she can cope better. No, she says.

I had set up many interviews and most of them don't even show up. Why bother pounding the pavement, going into a store, leaving your resume, filling in an applications, and sound all excited and enthusiatic over the phone interview, and NOT SHOW UP!? Cowards and passive aggressive!? If you don't feel like you're the right candidate, then don't agree to an interview!

We'll be down to 1 person at the end of the month which is 2 weeks away. We'll be in Vegas during the last week of the month so I'm stressed beyond the breaking point. It's 4am and I can't sleep. This morning, I placed an ad on craigslist and hopefully I'll have some interest. The last time I did it, I only received a few and none of them were remotely worth an interview. I also was very specific and detailed in the position responsibility. This time, I just noted that we were hiring for Sales Associates.

Well, I just checked the listings and I have 4 resumes. I'm setting them all up for interviews and including the one I have set up on Friday, it makes 5. Cross your fingers and hope that all of them work b/c I need to hire them all and 3 will probably drop or decline the position.

Is Seattle really that good for candidates to choose which job they want? I'm hearing that the unemployement rate has risen and here I'm offering top pay w/ commission and they're turning us down!?

Wish us good luck and send good vibrations to us! We need it!


strawberryroses said...

Good luck with this. Best to try and stop the leaking ship.

strawberryroses said...

another option: move to Hawaii--lots of hard working teens ready to do your bidding :)