Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hi Life

Neil likes this chain of restaurants. Coastal Kitchen has good coffee cakes. 5 Spot has great fried green tomatoes, Hi-Life has good french onion soup, and Atlas has awesome honey stung fried chicken. I had poached eggs and I don't eat the yolk. I love bacon but I usually pick out the meat and if it's too fatty, I don't even bother. And I guess all the rage is corn meal pancakes, so says Food Network TV. It was good but I really like McDonald's fluffy pancakes best.

Tanner Graduates

DSC06227, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Not sure what he was graduating from. But his class had a ceremony which really wasn't a ceremony because it was just a bunch of teachers running around looking for kids to pass out a rolled up piece of paper and a some blowing bubbles necklace.

There was this woman who was talking a lot but obviously, no one was paying any attention to her as they were all too busy running after their kids.

As I was walking towards the group of kids, this guy approaches me and says to me with a clipboard in one hand, "Hi there! May I help you?" WTF? Did I look like a pedophile or something? I had a camera bag with me and sunglasses on. Neil was a few yards behind me and Teri was parking her minivan. So I guess he had a good reason to approach me. I told him, "Ummm...I'm here to attend my newphew's graduation." He says, "Oh you're here to attend the graduation?! Have fun!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pancetta Halibut @ Daniel's Broiler

Pancetta Halibut, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We took Hiram here on his last visit. It's good but it's very overated and so is the price. I enjoy a steak from Outback more. Really, I do.
Unless someone else is paying, don't expect me to be back in a long time.


Yes, we eat out too much. I'm too exhausted when I come home to attempt cooking and then bother with the cleaning. This is a pretty healthly lunch no? Grilled salmon w/ veggies. I didn't use the tartar sauce and left the mash.

The times we did cook, I didnt' like the outcome of the pics so they weren't posted.

Guess we won't be cooking much this weekend either! :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Diner food @ Lil Jon

House salad to start. Throw out the croutons. Blah.
Big ass porkchops that was cooked too well.
I couldn't resist. How can you go to a diner and not order pie. Coconut cream pie.

Rainy Weekend

Saw Hairspray. Major fantastic.
Cleaned up garage. Major organized.
Rented "The Hills have Eyes 2" cuz Neil so wanted to see it. Major retarded.

Raining again. It's July and I'm wearing layers. Can't wait to get some desert heat and sun.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New movie from JJ Abrams, creator of LOST

Dessert @ Claim Jumper

Plain cream cheesecake.

Chocolate chip calzone.


I guess we finished up the burgers at Teri's from the previous night and we (Teri, Neil, and I) had some big ass desserts at Claim Jumper. SO much for dieting.

Rockin' the headband

Toad, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Took a quick visit to BBG w/ Teri & Tanner

Friday, July 20, 2007

What a crappy ass day

The weather sucks and it's gonna keep raining all weekend long. So much for attending Bite of Seattle! We went to see HAIRSPRAY and it was soooooooo much fun!
I have to admit that I saw a lot of good movies this summer. Too bad Spiderman 3 didn't live up to expectation.

Pho w/ meatballs and tripe w/ no noodles from I love Pho for dinner.

All done.

Rueben for lunch at Queen Anne Cafe.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


meats, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We went to SAM Gallery to view some painting by one of Debora's friend, Sylvia Poloto. We brought her flowers but she wasn't there. So we walked down to Harbour steps and had dinner at Iponema. We had something similiar in Vegas, Rum Jungle.

I have to say that you get a lot for $34.95. It's all you can eat! 2 buffet bars and they bring you skewered meats and you take as much as you want. Pepper beef, chicken legs, pork wrapped in bacon, parmesian pork, beef ribs, pork ribs, shrimp, lamb, tri tip beef, top sirloin, and I forget the rest.

I do have to say that quantity does not equate to quality. Unless you're in Vegas! Most of the beef smelled and tasted like dog food. I guess to phrase it better, gamey!

There wasn't much flavoring to the meats especially the beef so you really taste the beef. So if you like beef, then definitely, it's worth the money. But I'm just not a fan of gamey meat.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Cure...80s Here we come

Teri asked if I wanted to see The Cure. Well of course, we got tickets to see them Oct 8th (Mon) 7pm at KeyArena. Wonder who's opening up? And I'm told John Legend will be playing at Bumbershoot. I'm so excited! I miss concerts!

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch w/ the office group. Wanted to check out Barneys on the way. When comparing Barneys NY to Barneys Seattle, it's like a joke. The staff here are constipated and unfriendly. Not to mention the store looks like a shit mess and everyone was for god whatever reason on the phone and not greeting or helping the people in the store.

Their selection I guess is very edited considering the size of the store, not to mention 60% of the entire store was on sale. To sum it up, not impressed at all. It's just a bigger version of their stuck up store from their previous location. Too bad!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Kickass helmet. He gave us the nod after we took a picture of him! Like he knows he's got a cool helmet.

LA Cafe

Fun colorful interior. LA Cafe is located in the New Kowloon Center in Chinatown.

Fruit Salad was weird. Sweet watermelon w/ whip cream and a side of Italian dressing. I didn't touch it.

Silver noodles with prawn. Too mushy.

Roasted chicken with ketchup fried rice. This is not like the one in L.A. The chicken wasn't roasted but fried. I was basically eating fried chicken.

Mama ordered BBQ pork and Wonton noodle for Neil. Noodle was actually good but the wonton was mediocre.

So we're never coming here again because the food was just okay. The stupid girl who took our order forgot to put one of the hotpot in and the guy kept telling us it takes 10 minutes and after 20 and then 30, Mama yells at him to check and he comes back and says it was never entered. So instead of checking, he just makes up an excuse. Then the girl wouldn't even come to our table to say sorry but I see that she tells the other guy that we nevered ordered it.

We had to keep asking for water and Neil asked for a refill of Diet Coke and brought him regular Coke.

Horrible service and mediocre food.


XFilesMulder, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I love the shadow!


Butthead, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Flower with bee

Flower with bee, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I went out in the yard early this morning playing w/ the camera and a happy bee was out and about collecting pollen just as I snapped this picture.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Macro Lens

Ivory Prayer Buddha Prayer Beads, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I got a macro lens for those times when I need to take pictures of jewelry for the blog and I end up spending hours fudging around w/ the regular lens to get 1 picture. It's harder than you think! A tiny little turn and you lose really tiny. Like a microscope.

Salad for dinner. HO Hum!

Up, Up, and Away!

Up, Up, and Away!, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Doesn't it look like Tyler's about to fly away?

Kobe Burger @ CTC

Kobe Burger, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Probably the last time we go there. Service always seem to suckass slow. Foods good but it's gotten boring.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lunch at Stel's

My usual lunch. Salad. I always ask for no bacon and no feta. They never get it right. But lots of greens, peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives, tomatoes, and homemade balsamic vinegarette!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Red Robin for dinner

French onion soup. Ask them to burn the cheese and it's delicious.

Cheese sticks. salty and crunchy.

You get 4-5 huge filets and it's $5 less than crappy ass bonefish!

Teriyaki King for Lunch

BBQ shortribs. fatty but sooo good.
yakisoba. it's ok.
spicy chicken. cooked and charred. yummy good.


DSC04519, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I found Psylocke in a drawer today! Kickass! Now I want to find all the rest of them and pose them all!

Tyler Speed

Little Runaway!

Face Off!

Jump Around! Jump Jump Jump Around!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So today's lunch wasn't so healthy. California Chicken Burger.

Lavender cupcake. The thing was that we were busy and I forgot about it. So no, I didn't eat it....yet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This morning I was wondering why Max was so busy playing with his keyboard that he didn't try to go with us to the office. Well, look what he's doing. He make up games for himself. He took a cherry pit and sticks it in the keyboard holes and then digs them back out. He does this over and over again.

Lunch at Uptown China. Egg flower soup. Way too sweet.

Veggies with shrimp toast.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lunch @ Bonefish

Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer. You'd think the shrimp goes down to the bottom of the dish but it doesn't. It sits on a bed of veggies.

I can't believe this stupid halibut fish and chips was $15. It's basically $5 a piece. It wasn't that good and to be honest, the fish n chips at Red Robin is way better tasting and you get a shitload more fish at 1/2 the price! And the 2nd piece of halibut I ate was a tad "fishy".

Salmon caesar salad. Katey said it was good.

Chicken wrap w/ feta cheese. Neil said it was ok.

So the bill ended up being around $65 for 3. Overpriced for really what you get. The decor is inviting, the staff is friendly, and it's where you go when the boss is paying...and in our case, we paid.