Sunday, October 28, 2007

Losing my mind

Losing my mind, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Have some ginko. I've been playing with Adobe Lightroom program. Download it for free from Adoba and use it for 30 days. Take any of your photo and make it better.

I joined a Flickr group where other Flickr members upload a RAW unedited image and other members get to process it.

We had dim sum with the Village and Teri and then dinner at the Village where Danny made his bread salad. Neil said it wasn't as good as last time. Well, it's because he forgot the shaven parmesian cheese and by the time Neil mentioned it, I already ate all of mine. Lily made some yummy clam pasta and we got Costco Cupcakes. Huge and moist.

Why no pics? Danny has them all on his camera!


Are you kidding me? I want Ikue to tell me what's going on???

This is what happens when you can't sleep and wake up at 3 0r 6 every morning.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kung Ho dinner

Kung Ho dinner, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

spicy chicken
spicy ginger beef

Spent the afteroon watching Tyler and Tanner play Wii. Tanner KO Tyler 2x on boxing. Tyler needs to improve his hand/eye coordination.
But it sure makes watching him play fun.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Danny and who?

Danny and who?, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We like Ivy's new do. Danny doesn't. We had dinner tonight at Seoul Hot Pot. It was good and authetic! Luckily, Danny made reservation because there was a line waiting at the door. The tofu soup was bubbly hot and they offered to add an egg and crumpled nori at the table. The potato pancake was really good and not too oily. I really liked the kalbi, just the right amount of fat w/o being too marble.

Full moon

i see craters, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

This was a close to the moon as I could get w/ my camera.
Beautiful cloudless night and a full moon.

Teri bowls a strike

Teri bowls a strike, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Neil strikes out

Neil strikes out, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We took the morning off to play a game of bowling w/ Teri and Tyler. It was fun and lasted less than 1hr. Remember when we used to go bowling back in Hawaii?!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We shall meet in Hell!

We shall meet in Hell!, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I felt like a kid this afternoon. I unboxed a bunch of X-Men and took them out and played with them. I posed them and took pics that I flickr. :)

My favorite Storm "look"

All Hail, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

This is my favorite action figure of Storm. The hair itself is worth buying. I think I did a pretty good job with the pose and angle of the photo. Come on Nate, with all those action figues of yours, I'd be thinking you'd have scenes played out!


Allied Waste Services can kiss my ASS

We were set up with Allied Waste a few months ago and they offered me 2 free recyling dumpsters to be picked up every other week.

They've missed almost every pickup since. When we call them, they tell us that there will be a non-scheduled pick up fee. What do I want to do? I kindly let them know that I will not be paying for their delinquency. So they tell me that my next pick up will be in 2 weeks.

So I'm trying really hard to be calm. I tell them that my recycling has not been picked up at all this month, why won't they come out and do their job?

I was placed on hold and the customer service lady, APRIL, who was like a robot says to me, "would you like my supervisor to contact you?"

That's where it ended for Phase I.

Phase II. I went through my billing statement and noticed that they had charged me 2 non-scheduled pick up fees. So I'm utterly irate and call back to speak to a supervisor. The guy on the phone tells me his name is ANDREW and that he is the supervisor. Great I think to myself, I can get this crap resolved. So I go on and tell him the situation and then he puts me on hold. He comes back and tells me that there is a note on my account that a supervisor will be calling me back. I say, "Yes? and wouldn't that be you? Didn't I ask to speak to a supervisor when I called? And didn't you tell my you were the supervisor?"

He says, "Well, I'm just the temporary acting supervisor. Another supervisor will call you back."

So now I have recyling filled to the brim and a lot more in my office.

I'm at a lost for words and I know tha screaming at people who call themselves customer service representatives sitting in a room answering pissed off phone calls will do be ZERO good because they absolutely don't give a shit!

I think I will be cancelling my service, yet again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 42nd

Happy 42nd, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Bought dinner from Cafe Ori and had a simple dinner at the house. The kids ate very slowly and we had pecan pie and vanilla gelato for dessert from Wholefoods. Pecan pie was hot and delicious. The gelato on the other hand was too airy and fluffy.

See the rest of the photos on Flickr :)

Happy Birthday Teri

A big happy birthday to you! :) We'll see you for dinner.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fake Shark Fin

It's good to know that someone is doing something about this. There's absolutely NO reason why sharks should have their fins cut off, thrown back into the sea, to die! Shark fin has no taste anyway!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Follow my lead

Follow my lead, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

So here's the other toy I got. It specifically says "NOT FOR CHILDREN" A collector's toy. It has small parts like the wind up crank that kids will swallow. The duck is on whell and the ducklings are towed along.

Let's go for a spin

Let's go for a spin, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I keep telling Neil to not collect junk. But here I go, giving in and buying this wind up vintage toy at the Salish Lodge gift shop.

But come on, tell me it's not awesome!

pretty in pink

pretty in pink, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I love dahlias...i wish we had dinnerplate ones. Reminds me of the time we got them for TNT wedding and the guest started to leave early and started to dismantle the display so they could take them home....I'll leave it at that!

Salish Lodge

butternut squash soup, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

It was a perfect day to go! The lunch was yummy and hearty!
Neil finally got his flickr and Blog up. Check him out.

Check his flickr via me :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


avocado roll, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We went to Issaquah for movie night and stopped by iSushi to grab a quick bite. I didn't realize how BIG this place was. Like a Gengki or BlueC with the conveyor belt seating.

With almost every seat taken, I thought it would be a sure bet. I was wrong. We were sat in the back where the sushi chefs were preparing everything.

I personally wasn't keen on the cleanliness or the presentation. The sushi rice was falling apart. I couldn't pick the rice roll up w/ my chopstick w/o it falling all apart. I wasn't the only one. The couple next to us was experiencing the same thing.

I could go on but it seems people in IssQ love this place, maybe it's the only one around?

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

The Cyclone pasta is really the best dish on the menu. I learned that the veggies which is sooo good is really cooked in bacon butter. No wonder.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

max out

max out, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I think this is a great shot of Max.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Serious Pie

SP sausage, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We keep talking about this joint. So we went there for lunch w/ Danny. I'd never go back only because it shoud be 1/2 the price.
A pizza cost around $15 for an 11". I guess it would feed 2 comfortably. But come really should be $8 at the most.

The best was the sausage, then egg, then mozzeralla, and last, the clams. If the clams were fresh, I'd reconsider but it was fishy. Didn't look or taste fresh.

The cannoli was a big dissapointment. The ONLY cannoli I enjoyed was in North Hamtpon's JOE'S.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Night Dinner

Monday Night Dinner, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Rare beef pho
Taro shake with double tapioca

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You got me spinning...

You got me spinning..., originally uploaded by awungfoo.

So there's a SWARM of these itty bitty flies all over the neighborhood. Maybe they sense fall is coming and clammering to find shelter. Anyway, the spiders are spinning huge, huge ass webs and snarling these creatures and feasting like there's no tomorrow.


Dumbo, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

i love this!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Elephant, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Tanner is great at staying still to take pictures. Tyler on the other hand won't stand still long enough. Terry made really juicy burgers and we celebrated Danny's bday again w/ a second cake.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Flock of ...

A Flock of ..., originally uploaded by awungfoo.

This might be Nathan's nightmare but we went to see Michael Clayton and I think Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson should win an oscar for their amazing performance.

As we were heading out the parking lot, the entire sky was flooded with literally 100s of crows heading SE!


Smashing, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I remember the Halloweens we had on Rooke Ave. Those were the good ol' days of receiving grocery bags full of goodies. Now-a-days, kids have to go to the mall. Where's the thrill and suspense of going up to a darken house and ringing the door bell.

We participate in the local trick or treat and I swear it's a pain in the ass. First I have to buy bags of candy and 2nd, we have kids and their mom or dad or whoever come in and go Trick or Treat! I'm trying to run a business and make some god damn $. They can be a distraction as we're trying to work with real paying customers.

Too bad that it has fallen upon businesses to provide a safe pratice that should really be a community/ neighborhood effort. Instead of getting to know your neighbors, people just go to the mall.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who would have thought

my hump, my hump...., originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Marc Ecko...Love the stuff. The outlet has the skull hoody Hiram and I got for $60 down to $25. Neil and I got jeans 2 for $50.



mango pineapple lassi, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We drove up for a day and it went by rather quickly. DL "The Kite Runner" which is being turned into a movie. Saw the preview of it b4 "into the wild". It's a nice memoir style of a "read". Amazing insight in to the Afghan life.

So maybe it was just me, but I wasn't so thrilled about Vancouver. It seemed all the little cool stores are gone and the big stores have taken over. Every you go now, it's all the same damn stores! What's the point? Might as well shop out of a catalog or online.

We did have a nice quick lunch at Rangoli on Granville in Vancouver. Indian curry lunch. We didn't even stay for dinner. Got home around 7pm and had takeout from Cafe Ori.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To the left. to the left, to the left

Just another day at home with 2 screaming birds.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


sunrise, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Now that we added another desk, I get to look out the window and this was my view in the morning. Such I added a little hue and saturation but it's very close to the real thing :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

everything in moderation

Costco chicken and greens for Sunday dinner.

Costco muffin for breakfast. I only ate 1/3 of it, the crunchy part. Too much to digest.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Last King of Scotland

I can see why Forest Whitaker won an Academy award for his portrayal of General Amin. If you haven't already know James MacAvoy, you should. He played Dr. Garrison in the movie and he was also in Becoming Jane. I also recognize his name in a lot of films recently. He's an amazing actor.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

lazy sunday

lazy sunday, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

It's been raining on and off the whole day. I've had a nice lazy day napping and Max is doing the same. I put in "The Good Shephard" and it's boring me to sleep. So I guess it's doing it's job perfectly.
I'm using the laptop that we just got. I like it. Panasonic.

Somehow Neil DL a virus and the desktop computer has POP UP everywhere. I'll let him fix it.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Into the Wild

We were going to see this movie after Dahlia Lounge last night, but to sit through almost 3 hrs after dinner wasn't such a thrill. Neil and I went this afternoon and I must say that this should win best movie for the Oscars. It was so moving. To see a person so disappointed with society to want nothing more than to leave it, and then only to find himself at his most solitude wanting to be part of society.

We stopped by Wholefoods afterwards and I had soup and salad.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Bday Danny

Happy 37th! We took him to Dahlia Lounge for dinner. Check out the FLickr photos.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More art in your life...

More art in your life..., originally uploaded by awungfoo.

What a fitting fortune cookie considering we're redoing the TV room. Just saw PUSHING DAISIES and it's a cute show. Looks promising. Looking fwd to the season's finale of TOP CHEF. I think the girl is gonna win.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Across the Universe

Saw it. First 1/2 was Ok. Second 1/2 worked much better. Did the music work? Yes and No. 3 out of 5. I really like the Jude character.

Decorating 101

Decorating 101, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I ditched my "wish" for an acrylic frame. It would have been almost $1000. So I went the Target route and printed my own photos for 1/10 the cost. Now we just have to repaint the walls.

We also took the large mirror from the garage and set it off to the side wall. Unfortunately, it's from Costco and during the move from Capitol Hill to here, the frame was damaged and the mirror is loose so we can't hang it.