Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another visit to Bellevue Botanical Garden

DSC02561, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I hope you all take advantage of going to this FREE garden in the heart of Bellevue. The peonies have all gone away, but lots of new flowers budding and rose hips have started plumping up.

Dinner @ 0/8 Seafood Grill

seared calamari, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

NW Source had people choose what they're favorites are for 2007 and it seems 0/8 was selected for "new eats" "best place for seafood" and "best place for big parties". It was ok. I think the seared calamari was the best. It was like eating thick meaty fish that chewy calamari. Everything was just ok.

Rocco lays an egg

DSC02674, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We came home tonight and Neil yells at me to go look at Rocco. He hides behind the cushion and he chews up fabric. So we have to change out towels every week for him to destroy. Neil found a big ass egg. Of course, it's not fertilized but she's nesting. And mean!
She's around 6-7. I hope she doesn't have anymore. It looks pretty painful.


IMG_0180, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Vegas and had a quick layover in PDX. I forgot about these ariel views. I didn't realize how green WA really is and saw a lot of dried up streams and rivers. Whether it's a cause of global warming or not, it was shocking to see how fragile everything has become.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Applebee's/ Ratatouille

Shrimp spinach salad, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

We had dinner at Applebee's. The shrimp spinach salad was ok.
Neil had NY steak. He liked it.

Before dinner, we saw an afternoon viewing of Ratatouille. I have to say that 2 good movies in a row is quite unheard of. Die Hard was fun and this movie was very cute. It's very hard to think that a kitchen full of rats cooking makes for good eats, but it all works.

blah blah blah/ Live Free or Die Hard

No pics...

I've taken my ass off the couch and started exercising again. It feels good. I've dropped 5 lbs in a week. Getting there! :) No more (less) junk and crap. Got more energy and eating less. Funny how working out makes me realize how huge portions I eat and I stop myself just when I'm almost full. I hate stuffing my silly to the point of throwing up. Well, holidays, Vegas eating, birthdays, BBQ, fine dining, eating in HNL, and bubble tea doesn't count....does it?

Saw Live Free or Die Hard...Totally awesome Summer blockbuster 'in ya' face" hardcore action!
The banter, comments, remarks is "dead on" funny and hilarious! I give it to Bruce Willis for reprising this role in his 50s. he's still got it...and oh so way better than Stallone! Cameos by Kevin Smith is funny and typical of his character. I really like the scenes with Maggie Q and Bruce Willis. Go see it, you'll agree!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a mess

Ok...I haven't had a buzz since I fell off the ladder on Easter Sunday. Someone asked me I was trying to reach god and got pushed back down.
I thought it was pretty funny. What to do with this mess?

It's a photo you'd find in the fashion mess section of some women's fashion magazine. I'm tempted to just go buzz it off myself. I need to make an appt.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Going home

Mt. Rainier, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

It's on those rare days driving home along I-90 East when there's not a single cloud in th sky, the skies can't be any more blue, and you see this...not so bad at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Went down to Kent to visit our friends of Peridot. Neil had his feet done and we had dinner w/ their families. Ok, why did i eat sashimi from the night before. I spent the better half of the night in the can! Damn you girls!

clouds to Kent

We passed through a heavy rain storm on our way to Kent. We went from 60mph to 10 mph because it was like driving through a sheet of water. We couldn't see in front of us! But the clouds were gorgeous!


I kept thinking of the movie, Waitress. I wish I got a piece of pie instead.

Wonton City

I wish I knew how to make shui kau like these. Then again, they're so damn cheap, why bother?! My new obsession! I very much over bubble tea at the moment.

Broken Leg Update

It's been 11 weeks since I fell and broke my leg/ankle. I still haven't scheduled an appt to see Dr. Weil for a follow up. Remind myself on Monday! Good news is that my Physical Therapist team says I'm 3 months ahead of cases they see with my type of fracture. Woo Hoo! The latest challenge they had me do was to balance myself on a foam log to center my core and then they threw medicine balls at me to catch. Then I had to jump up and down on a trampoline. I haven't mastered jogging yet or bearing all my weight on my toes on the broken leg. Trust me, I'm pushing myself every hour to do so. If anyone has suggestions to get rid of the scar besides covering it up with a tattoo, let me know!

And for the ugly crocs...well, I have to admit that they make great house slippers especially in the morning when my foot is stiff.

BTW, Nachan...I got you the screaming Charlie Brown tee. I'll let you know when it arrives.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome Kaylee! Another cousin?! I didnt' even know one more was coming!? How many are there now? She's sooo cute! And her bday is just right after mine!

FYI: She's the daughter of Stewart and Thu.

Crossroads Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Crepe with fresh cream
Originally uploaded by awungfoo

Ugh! I wanted to get out of the house and instead of going to Burien for their Strawberry festival, we ended up at Crossroads. The food sucked and not a single strawberry stand around. The only strawberries I found were in these crepes.

Friday, June 22, 2007

1408 Movie

Based on Stephen King's short story, it stars Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack. It's not really a horror movie as it's more a psychological ride. A movie very suited to John Cusack style of acting. It was good. Probably a great rental.

I'm really looking forward to The Transformer and Harry Potter. Oh yeah, and Die Hard! Yipee Aye M%)#$#F$#%)(!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday dinner @ Fish Cafe

creme brulee with raspberry
Originally uploaded by awungfoo
I read 2 reviews for Fish Cafe saying it sucked. I'm thrilled to say it was delicious. Check out the Flickr site for the menu! mmmm
Thanks Teri for recommending the place. I really like Kirkland. It's so pretty and gorgeous the last 2 times we came. I received 2 Wii games from The Village and a gift card for Nordstrom from Teri. Thank you !!! Neil's brother was able to join us for dinner and he got us a new wireless keyboard and mouse from MS. Max thinks they're toys :(

Thanks also to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Bday to Me!

My early bday present. I love this camera. I used the telephoto lens during the solstice parade for the close ups.
Love the Wii. Played Wii w/ Neil's brother, Danny, who's in town. He beat my ass in Tennis and bowling.
And we ran away to Vegas last week. So I guess I've used up my bday points for the year!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

nude cyclists

nude cyclists
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More photos of naked cyclists.

nude cyclist during Solstice Parade 2007

nude cyclist
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Since some of you don't have a Flickr account, I thought I'll post some pictures on Blogger.

Nude Bicyclists

Nude Bicyclists
Originally uploaded by awungfoo
Today was Fremont's Solstice Parade 2007. I actually enjoyed it this year. I took a series of photos with my new camera and did a little photoshop here. Check out the flickr photos.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dinner @ Cafe Ori

Kalbi Chinese Style
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The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Cafe Ori is curry. Yet, there's more to their menu. Quick service, good food, with your typical chinese waitress attitude. Oh yeah, and cash only!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vegas Baby

I had to get away for a few days from work. My staff was driving us crazy and we missed a few trade shows because of my broken leg. I logged onto and found a trip to Vegas for 3 days/2nights including flight/hotel at Hilton for the both of us for ONLY $480. Not each, but for the both of us!

Tuesday: Went to Mandalay Spa and had awesome massage.
Wednesday: Went to Hilton Spa. Not so good.
Thursday: Went to QUA Spa @ Caesar. Heaven!

QUA was voted best spa in the world. There's roman baths, amazing steam, sauna, artic room that snows!, and it's 30,000 sq ft!

Shopped a bit. Come in June/July when it's really slow. You don't have to wait for a cab and everything is on sale. Sure it's hot as hell, but it's cheap! I hate coming down during the trade shows when you wait an hour to hail a cab and stand in line for hours for food.

Ahi Poke

Originally uploaded by awungfoo
I think this is the best ahi poke I've ever had. From Chinoise in Caesar's Palace. So good, I had 2 of them. Notice the siracha hot sauce on the edge.

my new tee

silly tees. but i had to get this.

Star Wars Tee

Neil and I ran away to Vegas for 3days/2nights. $480 for both of us hotel and flight. I'll post more later. Found this tee from Sak's 5th Ave. So of course, I had to get it for you know who...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Central Market

Just looking at this reminds me of the picnics on the beach when we were kids!
My new favorite drink. Had it at Blue C Sushi. Didn't realize they had some many flavors. The Lychee is really good.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Walkin' about

As I'm sitting there in the PT clinic telling them how I'm exercising my foot in the pool, the lady next to me is pissed off that she broke her ankle a month before me and she's still limping and using a cane. I told her I couldn't figure out how to walk w/ only 1 crutch or a cane so I just ditched it and walked slowly, like a turtle.

Everytime my PT moved my foot this way or that, she kept asking if it hurt or painful. I said NOPE. I asked her why and she said that most of them don't have the flexibility or range of motion and usually scream that they were still in pain. I told her they were probably lying and wanted to stay at home longer. Or collect L&I as long as possible. My doctor ended my L&I claim just a little over a month! :(

So the good news is that my rehab is exceeding their expectation except with a little scarring and slight swelling that's typical.

Woo Hoo! Neil's sister sent me a shitload of chinese herbs and remedies to take during my recovery. I can't say that was it but I think the whole comprehensive approach did it!

Now, what to do with the scar!?

Wii Super Paper Marios Bros

2D or 3D. I spent 3 hours on this stupid game the other night. I was stuck for 3 days because I had no clue what else to do. I later realized that I had to back track through a portal that takes you back to the START and you had to play the level again. So being an amateur at this, I played it 3x over before I got the clue. Needless to say, I'm now stuck on the next level and if I have to loop through from the beginning, I quit!

I think I like games that start and end quicky. These adventure games are for serious gamers which I am not! Give me MarioKart anyday! I hear it's in the works!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Originally uploaded by awungfoo
Spent a few morning hours here. Go check it out. It's expanded and what a gem in the heart of Bellevue, not to mention it's FREE. See the rest of the pictures on Flickr.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Burger Night

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Had a nice evening at TNT eating burgers outside. Ahh...summer is here for a week.