Friday, June 15, 2007

Vegas Baby

I had to get away for a few days from work. My staff was driving us crazy and we missed a few trade shows because of my broken leg. I logged onto and found a trip to Vegas for 3 days/2nights including flight/hotel at Hilton for the both of us for ONLY $480. Not each, but for the both of us!

Tuesday: Went to Mandalay Spa and had awesome massage.
Wednesday: Went to Hilton Spa. Not so good.
Thursday: Went to QUA Spa @ Caesar. Heaven!

QUA was voted best spa in the world. There's roman baths, amazing steam, sauna, artic room that snows!, and it's 30,000 sq ft!

Shopped a bit. Come in June/July when it's really slow. You don't have to wait for a cab and everything is on sale. Sure it's hot as hell, but it's cheap! I hate coming down during the trade shows when you wait an hour to hail a cab and stand in line for hours for food.

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