Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mt. Rainier

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I used the telephoto lens on the new SONY Alpha 100 D-SLR. This was on the way home from I-90 East going across Lake Washington heading into Mercer Island.

Alex birthday dinner @ Shanghai Cafe

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Sucks ass! The food was just not good but I kept eating. Neil says he'll never come back, evah! And the quality was just sub par! They didn't even have the fish head soup.

Handicap Parking

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I have till the end of July to use this. The problem is that they're always taken!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Target and Wii

It's Sunday and it basically rained the entire day. We woke up not wanting to work and we didn't. We headed to Denny's for cheap breakfast and asked TNT and The Village but they were either sick or already ate. So after a greasy meal, we headed to TARGET. You always find something unexpected at Target. Neil got more cargo shorts for summer and Teri should look at the imitation CROCS here for the kids.

I headed over to electronics and to my surprise and delight, they had almost a dozen Wii locked in a glass case. I've NEVER seen a Wii box so I wouldn't know what it would look like. So I peered closer and kneeled down to where they were stowed and inspected them. Are they the remotes? It's such a small box. It can't be? We asked the clerk if those were the Wii consoles and he said yes! We just received the delivery this morning and there were already a line of people at 6am. So the ones who wanted them already bought them. eBay I was thinking, but nah.

So we got the console and an extra remote and nunchuck. Neil and I spent most of the day boxing (Neil sucked), playing golf (even), tennis (Neil sucked), Bowling, (I sucked), and baseball ( my arm hurts now).

We went to Blockbuster and rented Zelda, SpiderMan 3, and Barnyard.
I'm not a teenager that can maneuver these joysticks like I was born with them, then again, I never could. But it's tedious, repetitive, and I got bored really quickly.

I called Danny to come over to play but he was sick.

Ok, oK..the best part of Wii...making your own Mii (avatar?) Oh I wish I could post it...I'll take a digi pic later and post our Mii's.

Hiram...what games do you have that's worth playing?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Croc - Cayman Swirl

Neil came home with a present. They had these swirl versions at another Nordstrom.

Visit their website. I didn't realize they had just a big collection and selection. I'm gonna see if Neil is interested in the Diabetic version. They are really comfy, light, bacterial and odor resistant!

Friday, May 25, 2007


I tried to put my right shoe on and it won't fit. The lady at the office says that my brace will fit right into the tennis shoe. Who was she kidding? My foot won't even squeeze into the shoe! So I went and purchased a pair of green Crocs. I wanted the red or orange one but it wasn't available. I considered getting the matching pair to Tanner's from Payless but I saw that Nordstrom had a rainbow of colors on their website but only the boring basic earthtone colors in the store! They're like wearing birkenstock and rather comfy.

I returned my scooter :( and I'm using a walking cane. They had fancy ones that had shock absorbers and ergonomic handles and flames on the stick. I opted for the cheapest one as I will only be using it for a few weeks if that.

Remember sticking a knife or fork down the toaster to dislodge toast when you were a kid. Was I the only dumbass? Remember that shock. Well, random waves of electricity shoots up from my foot when I walk. I'm sure it's normal as the connective tissue and tendons are loosening up and pinching nerves left and right after 6 weeks of no use.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Saw the 8:30pm 3hr mess. My god, don't waste your time! Not worth the time, the money, nor the torture of a boring ass movie that the other 2 hasn't already covered.

Some good news, I actually walked using only 1 crutch. Now let's see how I fare tomorrow morning.

Advance WBAT

Advance Weight Bearing As Tolerated. Saw Dr. Weil this morning. The X-Rays look fantastic. My ROM (Range of Motion) is excellent and I can burn the boot and start walking. This means I should start walking using the crutches to get myself reacquianted with actually put weight on my leg. I'm told to take it easy and I still have 6 more weeks of physical therapy to go.

I do still have to wear a brace to prevent lateral movement for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dolores Riordan

I'll give it to iTunes for selecting the best 30 seconds from each song and letting you previewing it thinking that the entire album rocks. Ugh! I've only heard a few songs and although it's gotten a lot of good reviews, I wasn't so thrilled. But like most albums, most will grow on me. I'll let you know. And if you don't remember who she is, Dolores was (is?) the lead singer of The Cranberries.

Maroon 5's new album is out. I'm tempted to get it.

Pan's Labyrinth

Heard a lot of rave reviews but never bothered to read up on it or see it. It's now out on DVD so we rented it. Amazing! It's one of the best cinematic film I've seen. So captivating, so beautiful, and the story was very heartfelt. It's not what you expect but isn't that what makes going to see movies so great. So leaving it at that... I won't tell you much about it and I don't think you should read any reviews either. Just Netflix, rent it, buy it, borrow, and whatever it is Danny does.

Monday, May 21, 2007


In the footsteps of Like Water for Chocolate and Chocolate, this movie is a mix of recipes and drama that is just so delightful that you yearn for taste-o-vision. The acting is superb. The last I saw Keri Russell in anything was in MI:3 and she vanished from the screen quite quickly. The support was incredible, Jeremy Sisto is Oscar worthy. Since it's a rather small film, you might miss it but if you get the chance to catch it, you'll enjoy it, I promise. And yes, although some call it a chick-flick, the story and acting is top notch.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

MTV2 Scarred

What's better than eating some ramen and watching Scarred? Knowing that you've shared the pain of those idiots. Leave it to MTV2 for showing broken bones injuries for 1/2 hr.
I've been taking my cast off when I'm at home now. They want me to rehab it. It's pretty gross how my ankle is bigger than my other one and my foot seems smaller. I'm sure it'll be back to normal soon.

Martin & Osa

Scootered around Bellevue Square the other day. I went looking for a new scooter because the one I have hurts the $#%^ out of my knee. Allcare didn't have it, they had an even more inferior one with no turn wheel. duh!

So as we're scooting around the mall, we realized that KENZIE is gone and in it's place is NAU ( Recycled polyester clothing. Really cool clothes but if you're not "outdoorsy-fit", it's gonna look like crap on you because it's snug and fit.

We stopped by Martin & Osa ( Really love the store. It reminded me of a John Varvatos ( feel to it. It also felt like a branch off from a major chain. When asked, the nice fella said it was 1 of 8 in the country and it's the grown up store of American Eagle. I was quite surprised because the quality was definitely there but would that customer pay for it? The layout was too "mall" for me. I think if they turned it into more of a boutique environment, it would fair better.

There have really nice stuff that's wearable. And considering that it's a mall shop, I'd wait for it to be on sale and it probably will. The orange jacket I liked was on sale from $128 to $60.

Now at A/X, I got a really cool jacket from $128 down to $20. Score!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Haagan-Daaz Reserve

It's sorbet. So it's light. A mix of gritty blueberries and blackberries.

Light with nice bits of chocolate. The Pomegranate isn't intense or sour.

Maybe because I tried it sometime after my surgery and I was having stomach issues but I wasn't keen on this. What you say? How can I not love toasted coconut and sesame!? Certain parts of it was just so gooey!

I'll give it another try some other time.

Back to Bubble Tea. I had a Lavender Bubble Tea. Interesting. I tried lavender soda water and it was really good!

They have a bunch of limited Reserved flavors. I've tried 3 of them.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Canon vs. Konica Minolta (discontinued)

So I'm not really happy w/ the canon powershot. I don't think the macro is all that good and I've noticed that most of the Flickr users are using the canon rebel eos.

This is the Canon Powershot SD550 (7.1MP) using Macro and no flash.
This is the KM 8MP macro no flash.


Happy Mama's Day

Watermelon. Brunch with The Chan Clan @ Newcastle Golf Course.
For dinner, we met up again and went to 663 Bistro. Fried Tofu.
Pan fried Rice Vermecilli with Veggies.
Ong Choi.

Happy Mom's Day to all you mom's!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let the rehab begin...

Went in on Thursday to start ROM (Range of Motion). Obviously, I have none. the PT wants me to point my toes, write the alphabet, and a whole bunch of other non-weight bearing exercises. 2x a week for 8 weeks.
I really hope I can start walking by mid June.

Max is sooooooooooo smart (for a bird). He has this plastic circle toy that has holes in it. There's a bell inside that is bigger than the hole so as hard as he tries, he can't get it out. Well, he's decided to make his own toy. He's breaking up little pieces of wood from another chew toy and takes it over to the circle toy and pushes the wood pieces inside the top and takes them out from the bottom. Soooooooooo cute!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dinner tonight @ Malay Satay

Cashew Chicken. Colorful but I didn't really care for the taste.

Pineapple Fried Rice. Rice was too mushy.

Spicy Seafood Silver Noodle Soup. See the hot chilies, I was sweating from the scalp, it was so spicy.


Grandpa (Mom's dad) passed away this afternoon. She's in L.A. now.
He lived a very long and fruitful life. I was amazed at his energy even at the age of 80, playing tennis, exercising routinely, and his mind was always sharp. Goodbye Ah Gong.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taro Bubble Shake

So I was craving taro bubble shake. Had it 2x on 2 different days and they didn't make it a frozen shake. It was watery. Hated it. Then I was in Chinatown and mama went into Gossip to get me one. She came out with Taro tea w/ice. 3rd time and it's still watery. All I want is a frozen bubble shake. Is it so hard to make???

On our way home, I was dozing off and when I woke up, Neil was again and Gossip and we finally got our frozen taro bubble shake with extra tapioca. However, at this point, I was so sick of it, I had a few sips and it was all I could drink.

SM3 Review/ Leg Caddy

Good movie. A bit too long for me. Perhaps it was my leg that was bothering me. I was watching SM2 and noticed that the usher was the same guy as the French waiter. Funny.

Topher Grace was ok, still had his 70s Show demeanor to his character.

I enjoyed the drama parts of the movie and the action was good but a lot of CGI. Wish there was a bit more intricate action sequences.

What was I thinking going to an Imax on crutches? I had to walk forever and then spiral down to the Imax screen and by then I was exhausted. I dreaded knowing that I had go the same route after the movie.

This is my new toy, Leg caddy. I put my broken leg on the cushion and wheel myself around. It's got a brake and steering. No shock absorbers. Although the pressure on my knee is atrocious! But it's fun and I should have taken this to the movie with me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider Man 3

I was surfing the net and didn't realize that Seattle is one of 3 cities that has 2 IMAX theaters in one space. Woo Hoo. So that means S3 is playing tonight at 12:00 but I'm not a die hard fan. However, it's playing at 10:45am tomorrow and well...why not?

However, IMAX sucks cuz you can't buy tickets online like They stop selling tickets online at 6pm for the next day's event and they're having issues with firefox, mac, explorer 7. Ummm...what else is there?

So tomorrow, maybe we'll have a nice breakfast and see a morning movie. Neil's been such a great support during this mess. Everything I ask no matter how many times, he does it. I know how irritating it can be, but it's nice to be able to ask w/out feeling guilty.

I've been adjusting my boot. Nate, it's not all that. Sure, I can take a shower but it's a bitch adjust this because they want my foot to lay completely flat on the boot but my heel keeps riding up. And changing socks is a pain! Some of the scar seeps and gets stuck to the socks and it hurts and bleeds a bit when I take the socks off.

Oh the genious designers of this boot, gotta love them. They have moisture wick. So it pulls sweat away and I've noticed that it pools under the boot and collects on the frame/heel. Yeah, it's gross. You'd be sweating too wearing a plastic and straps wrapped around your feet and leg. I'd be scared to think how nasty it would get if I was in Hawaii in hot humid weather.

So now I get a towel to soak up the moisture at night. It's not like a puddle!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day

Had yummy swedish pancakes for Sunday breakfast @ Redmond Pancake House. Yummmy! I got a 3 month handicap parking pass. Nice!
So I took the bandages off. Half of them were falling off and icky and the doc said to pull them off after 4 days and it's been 5! Maybe it could be enhance with a cool tattoo design. Then again, I've always wanted a tattoo and I guess you should be careful what you ask for!