Monday, May 28, 2007

Target and Wii

It's Sunday and it basically rained the entire day. We woke up not wanting to work and we didn't. We headed to Denny's for cheap breakfast and asked TNT and The Village but they were either sick or already ate. So after a greasy meal, we headed to TARGET. You always find something unexpected at Target. Neil got more cargo shorts for summer and Teri should look at the imitation CROCS here for the kids.

I headed over to electronics and to my surprise and delight, they had almost a dozen Wii locked in a glass case. I've NEVER seen a Wii box so I wouldn't know what it would look like. So I peered closer and kneeled down to where they were stowed and inspected them. Are they the remotes? It's such a small box. It can't be? We asked the clerk if those were the Wii consoles and he said yes! We just received the delivery this morning and there were already a line of people at 6am. So the ones who wanted them already bought them. eBay I was thinking, but nah.

So we got the console and an extra remote and nunchuck. Neil and I spent most of the day boxing (Neil sucked), playing golf (even), tennis (Neil sucked), Bowling, (I sucked), and baseball ( my arm hurts now).

We went to Blockbuster and rented Zelda, SpiderMan 3, and Barnyard.
I'm not a teenager that can maneuver these joysticks like I was born with them, then again, I never could. But it's tedious, repetitive, and I got bored really quickly.

I called Danny to come over to play but he was sick.

Ok, oK..the best part of Wii...making your own Mii (avatar?) Oh I wish I could post it...I'll take a digi pic later and post our Mii's.

Hiram...what games do you have that's worth playing?

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Gonzo said...

Lynne and I usually only play when guest are over and all we play is Wii Sports. Mario Party looks like fun...that comes out this week I think.

The other games, like Zelda, are more for the hardcore gamers than casual gamers. I like the Wii for casual games only.