Friday, May 25, 2007


I tried to put my right shoe on and it won't fit. The lady at the office says that my brace will fit right into the tennis shoe. Who was she kidding? My foot won't even squeeze into the shoe! So I went and purchased a pair of green Crocs. I wanted the red or orange one but it wasn't available. I considered getting the matching pair to Tanner's from Payless but I saw that Nordstrom had a rainbow of colors on their website but only the boring basic earthtone colors in the store! They're like wearing birkenstock and rather comfy.

I returned my scooter :( and I'm using a walking cane. They had fancy ones that had shock absorbers and ergonomic handles and flames on the stick. I opted for the cheapest one as I will only be using it for a few weeks if that.

Remember sticking a knife or fork down the toaster to dislodge toast when you were a kid. Was I the only dumbass? Remember that shock. Well, random waves of electricity shoots up from my foot when I walk. I'm sure it's normal as the connective tissue and tendons are loosening up and pinching nerves left and right after 6 weeks of no use.

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