Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider Man 3

I was surfing the net and didn't realize that Seattle is one of 3 cities that has 2 IMAX theaters in one space. Woo Hoo. So that means S3 is playing tonight at 12:00 but I'm not a die hard fan. However, it's playing at 10:45am tomorrow and well...why not?

However, IMAX sucks cuz you can't buy tickets online like They stop selling tickets online at 6pm for the next day's event and they're having issues with firefox, mac, explorer 7. Ummm...what else is there?

So tomorrow, maybe we'll have a nice breakfast and see a morning movie. Neil's been such a great support during this mess. Everything I ask no matter how many times, he does it. I know how irritating it can be, but it's nice to be able to ask w/out feeling guilty.

I've been adjusting my boot. Nate, it's not all that. Sure, I can take a shower but it's a bitch adjust this because they want my foot to lay completely flat on the boot but my heel keeps riding up. And changing socks is a pain! Some of the scar seeps and gets stuck to the socks and it hurts and bleeds a bit when I take the socks off.

Oh the genious designers of this boot, gotta love them. They have moisture wick. So it pulls sweat away and I've noticed that it pools under the boot and collects on the frame/heel. Yeah, it's gross. You'd be sweating too wearing a plastic and straps wrapped around your feet and leg. I'd be scared to think how nasty it would get if I was in Hawaii in hot humid weather.

So now I get a towel to soak up the moisture at night. It's not like a puddle!

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