Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Max

It's so cute when Max sleeps with his head tucked into his body. He fluffs up and turns into a snowball. With his collar off, he's been able to preen his feathers and he's looking very white which means there's just a cloud full of dander everywhere. Keeping our fingers cross that he doesn't regress!

Foggy morning

Fall is here. I love the fog. This is a vie of Aurora Bridge on the way back to the office. Yup, it's cloudy and gray. But wait a few hours and the sun will be out. Saw Ugly Betty. Wondered why no one associated it with Devil Wears Prada? It's basically a rip-off of the book/movie. Might be worth watching. Grey's Anatomy was on and there were some chuckling moments. Still worth watching. I actually can't wait for Season 3 of LOST. We got Seasons 2 on DVD and just like Seasons 1, we sat in front of the the TV all night for the whole week.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Motorola SLVR L7

I lost my cell phone RCKR in NYC. Actually, it was found but it seems the person who found it decided to turn my phone off so I can't call her back. I've called her everyday for days and the number she left me doesn't have a voicemail.

Luckily I had insurance and I was sent the SLVR. The RCKR was no longer available. The one thing I didn't like about the RAZR was that the volume came in and out and it's the same thing with the SLVR.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Summer like weather

It's been a gorgeous week here with temperatures reaching 80! It's so sunny and warm. It's nice to be back from all this travelling but we have to head down to LA again later this month. The best part about returning early from NYC is that Max is no longer using his collar. He somehow unscrewed his collar and broke free. I guess it was his way of telling us he won't pick his feathers or mutilate his skin anymore. It's been 3 days and we haven't seen him any happier. He's screaming, running around, and jumping on everything. He's also spreading his wings every chance he gets. It's a hoot, i'll have to youtube it for y'all to see!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Breakfast @ Pomagranate

Grits, fried eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage. I love the butter toast with jam. The grits are actually quite tasty. I can't resist bacon and the sausage was delicious.
I have to give this 2 out of 5 stars. It's like eating a dense batter of clumpy nuts. You all know I detest dense pancakes. Granted this is oatcake, it still could be fluffier and lighter. It's almost like eating a scone. The flavor, however, is quite nice.
The pizza breakfast was very spicy. However, the waffle like the oatcake was way too heavy and dense.

I guess this being my second visit to Pomagranate, I can't say it's worth a 3rd visit. The service is extremely slow. This time was better than my first visit where we waited close to 45 minutes to be served. Expect to get a refill on your coffee if you ask or flag someone down.

Adequate food but expect slow service with only 3 cooks in the kitchen.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kinky Boots

We rented this movie last night and it's funny. The music is totally fantastic.
Here's a clip of the movie. Rent it if you get the chance.

R & B

The latest song by John Legend is awesome. Very soulful. The new Beyonce album, I admit, is very catchy and addictive. I would have never thought I'd appreciate R&B, but I do and it's nice to expand my musical horizon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Rapture - Get Myself Into it

If you like Robert Smith, you'll totally dig The Rapture. I guess it's call the Modern New Wave? Whatever. I just know that I play this song a lot on my iPod in the car. Did anyone get the dig they did on Jessica Simpson's Public Affair video?


This is definitely the hit song of the year. Can't help but dig it. The rest of the album doesn't live up to the hype.

Spam Jam

We missed Spam Jam. Back in April, there was the 4th annual Spam Jam where culinary chefs from the top rated hotels and restaurants got together and cooked up everything Spam. Nate, you cannot miss next year's Spam Jam!

I can't decide whether to download from iTunes, Kinky Boots (the movie) or Justin Timberlake's Future Sex (his new CD) or the soul driven Gnarls Barkley. Yeah, iTunes now have movies for downloading.

We went to Costco and got ourselves the first 8 seasons of South Park. Transfer it to your iPod and watch it while flying. It's hilarious and it makes my flight go by faster.

We're heading East to NYC next week for a week and then up to visit Neil's dad for a few days. Can you believe the rate right now for a hotel in Manhattan is ~$400 a night. There goes any spending money for the trip. Not to mention it's probably an old crapper. To think, at that rate we could have stayed at the

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lazy Weekend

Took Karen and her friend, Krista to Pomegranate Bistro Sunday morning. The food was excellent but the service was terrible. We had to ask for every drink order repeatedly and the cute asian boy Karen was checking out poured blazing hot coffee all over my arm. Thank god my track jacket soaked up most of it. The food came out probably 1/2 an hour or more later.

I didn't have such a good night. Spent most of it with cramps on the can. Never eat spicy food from Chinatown. I had mom bring back some spicy Vietnamese soup noodle and I think that did me in. OMG, the cramping was torture!

I'm sitting in front of my desk covered with bills. I was going to take a picture of it but I realize that my adapter is at home. Oh well. It seems every time I pay the bills, it's time to pay them again. Not to mention taxes.

My stomach is still recovering. A nice bowl of congee sounds very comforting right now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Karen and Laura's first day visit to Seattle

Karen attempting to hog the Ahi Poke salad all to herself.
Karen and her friend, Laura, enjoying a beautiful evening at Columbia Tower Club.
You can't ask for a better view.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Michael Jackson

It's 100% Andrea's fault that I was dreaming about vampires. There's no other reason than after having read her blog, my mind was on the subject of vampires. So my god awful dream last night was walking in a mall only to be mobbed by a huge scene of people trying to get close to this white guy with 2 big body guards. Somehow, I ended up in the same room sitting next to this man and the 2 body guards were keeping people out of the room. I asked him who he was and he says, "Shhhh....don't tell anyone. But I'm Michael Jackson." I was like, "What the *&@!. You ain't no Michael Jackson. I'm in disguise he says. So I stared at him and inspected his face and looked for his whacked nose and yup, it was him.
Other stuff happened...don't remember..but then I remember him trying to drink my blood and I was like, get the %#@% away from me! Then I woke up.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Augusten Burrough's movie based on his memoirs is coming out soon...OMG! I can't wait. Neil and I have been listening to his books on the iPod during our commutes and we both sit in the car even after we've arrived.

We're also leaving for NYC for yet another trade show. Check this hotel out. It's #$*(@ awesome. I'm trying to book us a room and pull some strings....

my obsession

I went to visit Cingular and Verizon today. What a let down. It seems if you want a cool phone, you'll have to buy it on the net. Here's a site for y'all to check out.

The guys from Cingular says that when you buy an unlocked phone, there are features that carriers may or may not support. So even though your phone may have all these cool and unique features, it doesn't neccessarily mean you get to use it. ???

Karen's visiting

Cousin Karen called and she's planning on coming up this weekend to visit. She says she's checked her email and spam folder and hasn't received anything from Hiram. I think you're purposely not inviting them! hah!

When she come's up, we'll set it up.



I just spent a lengthy time writing a comment to Hiram's post on his pooch friend. Then I got to publish and Blog decides it won't let me. Anyone else have issues with this blog crap?

So what I wanted to say is that Max is in his own way, a handful!
He loves to sleep on Neil's head every night. He'll sqawked and scream if we go down to bed and not take him. We had to set up a separate cage right next to the bed and if you have a reading light on and you try to put him in his cage, he'll run his beak between the bars all night long. So we only put him to bed when it's 100% dark.

Then there's the constant preening that he needs because he's incapable of it due to his collar. I have spent over an hour nightly taking a tweezer and breaking his new feathers which are coated in keratin. Imagine the dander! And I have major allergies!

Of course, he loves to stick his ass in your face to itch him. Yup!

Rocco on the other hand hates people. Anyone who comes over, she'll huff and puff up and you'd think she's the most pretty bird until you try to pet her. She'll run up to you and chop down hard! Of course, you scream and she runs back under the couch pillow to her hiding spot.

When's she ready for bed, she'll repeat "Time for bed!" all night.

But you gotta love them for their ability to say, "Hi Max!" "I love you!"and Rocco loves dancing! Anytime a beat comes on, she'll bob her head and then her entire body side to side!

I guess if we don't have kids, we'll settle for pets!... We can always put them in their cages and walk away.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I'm sick. Ugh! I hate coming down with a cold. I went to Rite-Aid to buy Sudafed and left my wallet at work. The stupid guy at the photo counter says, "Got your driver's license?" I said, "NO!" And of course, I'm bitchy and my nose is dripping and I'm feeling like shit! He says, "Sorry, state law, can't sell it to you." I left with a fashion magazine and Airborne instead. Let's see how well this holistic Airborne pill works?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vegas on Monday

I'm retarded. This picture won't rotate. From the designers of IF (Isabella Fiore) comes Lockheart. This is their Spring 07 bag. White Hot!
Our first day at the trade show. This is one of my favorite linen shirts for Spring 2007.
This has got to be the worst Chinese food I ate. Bland, oily, and nasty.
Men love messenger bags. Just ask Nate. We sold out of this white leather one. We just reordered more.
Can't wait for this to come in. Raw denim messenger bags. Totally cool with leather trimming.

Vegas on Sunday

We ate at Chinoise inside Caesars on Sunday night. The quality and service is usually great but tonight was just ok. I felt like an idiot trying to take pictures of the food in the dark, so after this one attempt, I stopped.
We shopped @ The Forum shops. We looked for some Lacoste V Neck tees for Neil but there was none to be found.
After a long and eventful day of shopping, I was exhausted.