Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I just spent a lengthy time writing a comment to Hiram's post on his pooch friend. Then I got to publish and Blog decides it won't let me. Anyone else have issues with this blog crap?

So what I wanted to say is that Max is in his own way, a handful!
He loves to sleep on Neil's head every night. He'll sqawked and scream if we go down to bed and not take him. We had to set up a separate cage right next to the bed and if you have a reading light on and you try to put him in his cage, he'll run his beak between the bars all night long. So we only put him to bed when it's 100% dark.

Then there's the constant preening that he needs because he's incapable of it due to his collar. I have spent over an hour nightly taking a tweezer and breaking his new feathers which are coated in keratin. Imagine the dander! And I have major allergies!

Of course, he loves to stick his ass in your face to itch him. Yup!

Rocco on the other hand hates people. Anyone who comes over, she'll huff and puff up and you'd think she's the most pretty bird until you try to pet her. She'll run up to you and chop down hard! Of course, you scream and she runs back under the couch pillow to her hiding spot.

When's she ready for bed, she'll repeat "Time for bed!" all night.

But you gotta love them for their ability to say, "Hi Max!" "I love you!"and Rocco loves dancing! Anytime a beat comes on, she'll bob her head and then her entire body side to side!

I guess if we don't have kids, we'll settle for pets!... We can always put them in their cages and walk away.

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Teri said...

I tried to leave a comment on Hiram's blog as well and it didn't allow me to submit.

Your pets are just like my boys only I live with it Daily 24/7! My only time to myself starts after 9pm!

I much as I adore Tyler and Tanner, they wear me down!!!