Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Michael Jackson

It's 100% Andrea's fault that I was dreaming about vampires. There's no other reason than after having read her blog, my mind was on the subject of vampires. So my god awful dream last night was walking in a mall only to be mobbed by a huge scene of people trying to get close to this white guy with 2 big body guards. Somehow, I ended up in the same room sitting next to this man and the 2 body guards were keeping people out of the room. I asked him who he was and he says, "Shhhh....don't tell anyone. But I'm Michael Jackson." I was like, "What the *&@!. You ain't no Michael Jackson. I'm in disguise he says. So I stared at him and inspected his face and looked for his whacked nose and yup, it was him.
Other stuff happened...don't remember..but then I remember him trying to drink my blood and I was like, get the %#@% away from me! Then I woke up.

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strawberryroses said...

You're on crack.