Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spam Jam

We missed Spam Jam. Back in April, there was the 4th annual Spam Jam where culinary chefs from the top rated hotels and restaurants got together and cooked up everything Spam. Nate, you cannot miss next year's Spam Jam!

I can't decide whether to download from iTunes, Kinky Boots (the movie) or Justin Timberlake's Future Sex (his new CD) or the soul driven Gnarls Barkley. Yeah, iTunes now have movies for downloading.

We went to Costco and got ourselves the first 8 seasons of South Park. Transfer it to your iPod and watch it while flying. It's hilarious and it makes my flight go by faster.

We're heading East to NYC next week for a week and then up to visit Neil's dad for a few days. Can you believe the rate right now for a hotel in Manhattan is ~$400 a night. There goes any spending money for the trip. Not to mention it's probably an old crapper. To think, at that rate we could have stayed at the www.TheMaritimeHotel.com
or www.hotelQT.com!

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