Tuesday, September 05, 2006

my obsession

I went to visit Cingular and Verizon today. What a let down. It seems if you want a cool phone, you'll have to buy it on the net. Here's a site for y'all to check out.


The guys from Cingular says that when you buy an unlocked phone, there are features that carriers may or may not support. So even though your phone may have all these cool and unique features, it doesn't neccessarily mean you get to use it. ???


Teri said...

Terry bought the new Palm Treo, it's such a complicated phone, he's still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles after three weeks of owning it.

I think it's overkill to own a handheld computer.

Gonzo75 said...

That's BS. The "features" cingular talks about is like iTunes. All the features that the phone already has will be usable. You just won't get the extra programs like AIM or iTunes.