Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I'm sick. Ugh! I hate coming down with a cold. I went to Rite-Aid to buy Sudafed and left my wallet at work. The stupid guy at the photo counter says, "Got your driver's license?" I said, "NO!" And of course, I'm bitchy and my nose is dripping and I'm feeling like shit! He says, "Sorry, state law, can't sell it to you." I left with a fashion magazine and Airborne instead. Let's see how well this holistic Airborne pill works?


Gonzo75 said...

Airborne rules! The pink grapefruit flavor is the best one.

strawberryroses said...

I use it almost every morning before I go to school. It just gives me piece of mind from the kids. Get well!

AwungFoo said...

Wow...maybe airborne works. It's ony been 2 days but i feel much better. I still have the cold but it's not really severe as I would have expected. Regardless, placebo or not, it's done something. However, I don't recommend drinking it on an empty tummy. Can be quite upsetting.