Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blades of Glory

Caught an afternoon matinee with Hiram and Neil to see Blades of Glory. It was hilarious! John Heder was a lot better than I had expected. Even though Will Farrell was funny, it was typical Will.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy 38th to Neil

A birthday card from Tyler & Tanner

Warm birthday wishes from Hiram!

Tanner said goodbye to Hiram and wasn't interested in a photo op.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Neil receiving his gift from Dan Clan.

Really good oysters.

Neil and Hiram chillin'.

Oh Wow! Thank you Dan Clan!

Lilies for Neil's birthday! This pose is an homage to mama! For those of you with Chinese moms, you know how they love to pose next to big floral bouqettes!

Duck Couple

Every year for the past 3 years, this couple comes to this puddle of dirty water across from our office to rest. They stay for a few weeks and go to wherever it is that ducks go to in the Spring time. The puddle starts to dry up and they're usually gone by the time it's completely dry.
We see them every morning on our way to work and sometimes basking in the sun (when it's sunny) and feeding them is fun. They're very friendly but cautious. I do hate the crows that swoop down to steal their treats!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


dude....I'm at the point I hope he wins because it would be a riot! I look fwd to his new hair do every week! Watched Inferno Affairs last night at Danny's. I kind fell asleep in the beginning but I think the suspense of The Departed was a much better movie. I did enjoy the original.
Had awesome HOT POT at Danny's w/ Hiram. I'm sure Hiram will post the huge ass crab picture.
I waited till 11:15pm before heading out to the airport. Of course, I left my cell at home in the morning. I left a message for Neil that I'd be picking him up outside on Danny's cell. The call and text message never went through. Your service at your house sucks ass!
So I drove around the airport for 45 minutes, stop the car, ran inside avoiding the cops, and no Neil. The lady said the flight had cleared out a long time ago. I'm assuming he took the cab home. I sped home to find 9 missed calls from Neil. I call him back and he's been in line talking to Alaska Airline for losing his luggage. So I sped back to the airport to pick him up. Well, it's 1am by then and I was exhausted.
This is the first time in years that we ever lost a luggage flying Alaska.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sanjaya & American Idol

So we were lucky to get a GPS in our rental in Boston. However, I have to say that it sucks sometimes. We punched in Logan Airport from Downtown Boston which should take us literally 15 minutes. It took us 45 minutes because it took us in circles and deadends! I finally screamed at Neil to stop listening to it and we pulled out the a MAP and it still lead us to deadends!

So back to American Idol. We also had satellite radio, SERIUS. Umm...Howard Stern for 5 days! It seems there's a strong community of Sanjaya supporters who are keeping him in not because they think he's talented or should win, but because it's funny to jolt the voting system of AI! Hence, Howard has people on his crew and callers voting 100s of times for Sanjaya! So in a way, I can't believe it hasn't been done before.
It would be totally hilarious if Sanjaya won AI. After all, it is the American voters who pick the winner!


Had a nice time in Boston. Hung out with Neil's family in Holyoke. Shopped a bit in North Hampton. Spend a day and half in dowtown Boston. There's a real cool street there, Newbury. It's the equivalent of Robson in BC and/or Melrose in LA. Great shops on both sides. Marc Jacobs, FCUK, G-Star, Louis Boston! I wish Broadway turned out this way instead of the slum it's become.

And it's nice to see Christine again. Too bad Ari wasn't available to join us. Christine says we've visited her more than her parents!!! We had a nice Italian dinner in Little Italy, Dolce Vita.

When we were in North Hampton, we went to Joe's. It's an authetic "Bucca de Beppo". It's been around for 50 years and it's basically a shack with cracks and cervices that let in the winter cold air! Watch where you're seated! But man, the mushroom salad, pizza, and the DAMN best CANNOLI I've ever had and I don't like cannolis at all!

Check out the Flickr pics! The Hilton Boston Back Bay was really clean,nice, and convenient! We took a tourist trolley ride which was fun and very educational. We got to see where they filmed some of THE DEPARTED scenes. The FBI bldg was actually the Unemployment Center.

The Gardner museum was really the highlight of the visit. Isabella Gardner amassed an amazing assortment of art from Raphael to Vermeer, Asian pieces to Russian tapestry. It's all set up in room that mix and match and everything is in touching and reaching distance but you can't take pictures or touch. But man, it was just amazing to see it and just the night before, we watched the History Channel's episode of the stolen art from the museum. Coincidence? I think not!

Neil's Bday is March 27th (Tues). He's coming back from LA that night. Any suggestions where to take him? Surprise him?

I'm excited to see Hiram. Wish Lynne was coming up too!


Saw Shooter tonight w/ Lan. She brought over dinner. Nice! So I thought it would be nice to return the favor and take her to a movie, but she had passes so double nice! Good action flick and Mark Wahlberg shines again. He's done a good job at picking movies that suites his style.
Lots of action, good plot, great supporting cast, and lots of SHOOTING!

Friday, March 16, 2007 we come again!

I'm looking outside the window and it's relatively mild for a Seattle afternoon. It's partly sunny, partly cloudy, and greige. I'm also sick. My allergies seem to turn into a cold/flu quite rapidly over a few days. I've never had congestion this miserable. And it seems every year, it gets relatively worse. I'm tempted to live in a plastic bubble.

Anyway, we're off to Boston tomorrow morning and it seems the weather back East is miserable. Snow!

Can I use the excuse that I'm terribly sick and not fly? It really doesn't help that I can't even sleep at night. Every time I try to lay down, my sinus fill up and I'm plugged up. Try breathing through your mouth for a week. Your lips become very cracked and unsightly.

And not to mention I might as well be a METH head. With all the Sudafed I've been eating like candy, my heart will probably seize!

Ok...enough misery. Go rent "The Holiday" w/ Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. cute.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pineapple Express = movie time

What do you do when the Pineapple Express drops sheets of warm water on the city for an entire weekend? Stay inside and watch movies of course.
We went to see this Korean film on Saturday afternoon. I thought it was great! Neil didn't like it at all. For a foreign film, the CGI effects were, well..not so impressive. The creature itself was passable. The fire effects not so much. But that's besides the point. What I thought was going to be a creature/horror film ended up being a satire that was funny, had a strong ecological message, and social values. It's like watching a funny chinese movie that I'm sure when subtitled to English and shown in the US, becomes "lost in translation".

I've read a lot of reviews for this movie before deciding to watch it. It's awesome in the sense that it's intended to be viewed on the big screen preferably on IMAX, and keep in mind, no historical value! To those movie critics out there who chooses to critique this movie base on it's historical value, GIVE ME A BREAK! The day you can actually make us believe that anyone of you know history, no less Spartan history, without having to research it, I'll give 2 cents to your review.

On Sunday, it was on to 300. This movie rocks because it's an action flick intended to entertain and it does it's job to the very end. There's some similarities to Troy, Gladiator, and Alexander. Alexander sucked ass, Troy was just OK, Gladiator had a great actor and a good story, and 300 was just plain entertaining! Go see it for it's artistic merit. It's like watching a comic book come alive!

And well...the Spartans were HOT!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I've slept through the last 2 episodes of LOST. I've been so exhausted everyday, that come around 9ish, I'm dozing off. Is no one else watching American Idol? Are we gonna have a pool once the final 12 are set?

Speaking of online...I put up 3 handbags from my store that had duplicates. I put them up for a tad under my wholesale cost and 1 just a tad over. Can I tell you how much I despise the majority of eBayers! The endless barage of questions and you know...that after politely answering all their mundane questions, they say, "Oh I don't know!" "Oh I'm just not sure!" And bam...out comes someone from nowhere with no questions and buys it! Woo Hoo! This one stupid idiot woman had 3 questions for me. Her second question was if my bag was real b/c she was going to give it as a gift. Then her last question was, " I don't need another bag, but if you knock it down $50 and pay for shipping, I'll consider it and it's your call. Oh and if you have new Spring goods, I'll consider buying it at the same offer!" Are you f****ing out of your mind?! I was going to blast her then I realize I was just going to ignore it. It's the same thing working in the store, I just walk away from the person when it gets to be that retarded. My god!!! Do they pull that same shit in department stores?!

I am excited to say that all 3 bags were sold in under 1 hour and 1 went to Japan! Of course, it was the "kookiest" one! If only I can get top $$$ at full retail for them!

We're off to Boston next weekend for St. Patrick's Day. Neil's family is having a reunion and I got wrangled in to go! I can't believe we're flying again so soon.