Thursday, March 08, 2007


I've slept through the last 2 episodes of LOST. I've been so exhausted everyday, that come around 9ish, I'm dozing off. Is no one else watching American Idol? Are we gonna have a pool once the final 12 are set?

Speaking of online...I put up 3 handbags from my store that had duplicates. I put them up for a tad under my wholesale cost and 1 just a tad over. Can I tell you how much I despise the majority of eBayers! The endless barage of questions and you know...that after politely answering all their mundane questions, they say, "Oh I don't know!" "Oh I'm just not sure!" And bam...out comes someone from nowhere with no questions and buys it! Woo Hoo! This one stupid idiot woman had 3 questions for me. Her second question was if my bag was real b/c she was going to give it as a gift. Then her last question was, " I don't need another bag, but if you knock it down $50 and pay for shipping, I'll consider it and it's your call. Oh and if you have new Spring goods, I'll consider buying it at the same offer!" Are you f****ing out of your mind?! I was going to blast her then I realize I was just going to ignore it. It's the same thing working in the store, I just walk away from the person when it gets to be that retarded. My god!!! Do they pull that same shit in department stores?!

I am excited to say that all 3 bags were sold in under 1 hour and 1 went to Japan! Of course, it was the "kookiest" one! If only I can get top $$$ at full retail for them!

We're off to Boston next weekend for St. Patrick's Day. Neil's family is having a reunion and I got wrangled in to go! I can't believe we're flying again so soon.

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