Saturday, March 24, 2007


Had a nice time in Boston. Hung out with Neil's family in Holyoke. Shopped a bit in North Hampton. Spend a day and half in dowtown Boston. There's a real cool street there, Newbury. It's the equivalent of Robson in BC and/or Melrose in LA. Great shops on both sides. Marc Jacobs, FCUK, G-Star, Louis Boston! I wish Broadway turned out this way instead of the slum it's become.

And it's nice to see Christine again. Too bad Ari wasn't available to join us. Christine says we've visited her more than her parents!!! We had a nice Italian dinner in Little Italy, Dolce Vita.

When we were in North Hampton, we went to Joe's. It's an authetic "Bucca de Beppo". It's been around for 50 years and it's basically a shack with cracks and cervices that let in the winter cold air! Watch where you're seated! But man, the mushroom salad, pizza, and the DAMN best CANNOLI I've ever had and I don't like cannolis at all!

Check out the Flickr pics! The Hilton Boston Back Bay was really clean,nice, and convenient! We took a tourist trolley ride which was fun and very educational. We got to see where they filmed some of THE DEPARTED scenes. The FBI bldg was actually the Unemployment Center.

The Gardner museum was really the highlight of the visit. Isabella Gardner amassed an amazing assortment of art from Raphael to Vermeer, Asian pieces to Russian tapestry. It's all set up in room that mix and match and everything is in touching and reaching distance but you can't take pictures or touch. But man, it was just amazing to see it and just the night before, we watched the History Channel's episode of the stolen art from the museum. Coincidence? I think not!

Neil's Bday is March 27th (Tues). He's coming back from LA that night. Any suggestions where to take him? Surprise him?

I'm excited to see Hiram. Wish Lynne was coming up too!

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