Wednesday, March 28, 2007


dude....I'm at the point I hope he wins because it would be a riot! I look fwd to his new hair do every week! Watched Inferno Affairs last night at Danny's. I kind fell asleep in the beginning but I think the suspense of The Departed was a much better movie. I did enjoy the original.
Had awesome HOT POT at Danny's w/ Hiram. I'm sure Hiram will post the huge ass crab picture.
I waited till 11:15pm before heading out to the airport. Of course, I left my cell at home in the morning. I left a message for Neil that I'd be picking him up outside on Danny's cell. The call and text message never went through. Your service at your house sucks ass!
So I drove around the airport for 45 minutes, stop the car, ran inside avoiding the cops, and no Neil. The lady said the flight had cleared out a long time ago. I'm assuming he took the cab home. I sped home to find 9 missed calls from Neil. I call him back and he's been in line talking to Alaska Airline for losing his luggage. So I sped back to the airport to pick him up. Well, it's 1am by then and I was exhausted.
This is the first time in years that we ever lost a luggage flying Alaska.

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