Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sanjaya & American Idol

So we were lucky to get a GPS in our rental in Boston. However, I have to say that it sucks sometimes. We punched in Logan Airport from Downtown Boston which should take us literally 15 minutes. It took us 45 minutes because it took us in circles and deadends! I finally screamed at Neil to stop listening to it and we pulled out the a MAP and it still lead us to deadends!

So back to American Idol. We also had satellite radio, SERIUS. Umm...Howard Stern for 5 days! It seems there's a strong community of Sanjaya supporters who are keeping him in not because they think he's talented or should win, but because it's funny to jolt the voting system of AI! Hence, Howard has people on his crew and callers voting 100s of times for Sanjaya! So in a way, I can't believe it hasn't been done before.
It would be totally hilarious if Sanjaya won AI. After all, it is the American voters who pick the winner!

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