Friday, March 16, 2007 we come again!

I'm looking outside the window and it's relatively mild for a Seattle afternoon. It's partly sunny, partly cloudy, and greige. I'm also sick. My allergies seem to turn into a cold/flu quite rapidly over a few days. I've never had congestion this miserable. And it seems every year, it gets relatively worse. I'm tempted to live in a plastic bubble.

Anyway, we're off to Boston tomorrow morning and it seems the weather back East is miserable. Snow!

Can I use the excuse that I'm terribly sick and not fly? It really doesn't help that I can't even sleep at night. Every time I try to lay down, my sinus fill up and I'm plugged up. Try breathing through your mouth for a week. Your lips become very cracked and unsightly.

And not to mention I might as well be a METH head. With all the Sudafed I've been eating like candy, my heart will probably seize!

Ok...enough misery. Go rent "The Holiday" w/ Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. cute.

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