Thursday, November 29, 2007

still cooking

So we have like 3 weeks worth of chicken breast from Costco. Finally used up all the asparagus and brussel sprouts. Now we have a huge bag of broccoli left. How many variations of chicken broccoli can i come up with? For tonight, it was spicy cashew chicken w/ broccoli.

hi 4

hi 4, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

i love when Max does this. I'm trying to teach him to do this when we say HELLO. But it's not really working. Maybe i can teach him to do this when I say WORD!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


call it, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I can tell Nathan is having a good time shopping! Hiram, you should come up for Xmas weekend.

When are you heading up Nate? And where are u going??? And why no Seattle???

Sunday, November 25, 2007


blue, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Neil wanted a cinnamon roll this morning so as I was driving to Lil Jon's, I noticed how cool the whole neighborhood was blanketed in mist and fog. So after dropping off his roll, I went back out and took a bunch of pics. I thought adding some blue would have a cooler effect than just gray mist.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yama Japanese @ Galleria

asian bbq ribs. Neil didn't like it. I thought it was okay. The sauce was a bit odd because it wasn't really teriyaki. I think it was truffleyaki.

I didn't taste neil's salad but he said it was just whatever.

seafood tappenyaki with ponzu butter. It was a lot of food. prawns, mussels, scallops, fish, clams, and crab.

Neil said he would go back for the cute waiter. For a Saturday, it wasn't packed but there were a lot of people. It is a very huge space. Really nice atmosphere and the staff was very cordial, quick, and friendly.

I would say 3 out of 5 stars.

Friday, November 23, 2007

curry chicken with veggies

curry chicken with veggies, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

So if you can believe it, I've cooked dinner every night this week except last night. However, I did cook candied yam last night so it should count.

I'm just not sure that it's really economically to buy perishables from Costco as it's really too much for 2. How many dishes can you come up with using chicken, broccoli, and asparagus until it's gone?

Thursday, November 22, 2007


totem, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


HAPPY THANKSGIVING, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Eat lots, travel safely, get home safely, and have a great 4 day weekend!

John, Neil, Max, and Rocco!

gonzo is a rockstar

gonzo is a rockstar, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Hiram asked if I had Gonzo muppet and I did but I wasn't able to use him in my original photo. So this one is for you Hiram. I hope I rocked it enough for you. He's using a genuine GUITAR HERO guitar. See the electrical cord attached to it and the awesome stage?

1 million points , you are fags!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mustard Chicken

Mustard Chicken, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Since we don't cook, there's not much in the house to get creative. What we buy is basically what I have to work with for the week unless I stop by the market. But who are we kidding.

So before I ran off for the gym, I defrosted a chicken and salmon for dinner. When I came home, I was still wondering what the hell to make.

I could broil it again or wing it. I threw the salmon in the oven and put the chicken in a pan on medium heat with olive oil. What now?

I looked in the fridge and there's a lot of blueberry jam. I found some mustard and so I threw that onto the chicken and a dash of balsamic vinegar. It tasted it and was pleasantly surprised that it worked. No salt, no pepper, no garlic.

I let it cook for 1/2 hr I think and then threw in some shredded brusselsprouts (Umm...costco...a few more days of this left, there's only 2 of us!). I found some dried red onion and threw it in w/ the shredded veggie.

That's about it.

Monday, November 19, 2007


ingredients, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

i kinda think this is funny! :) We went to Costco yesterday and I told Neil that we will not eat out for dinner at all this week and cook. So far so good. Then again, it's one 1 day.

low fat dinner

low fat dinner, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Rowdy Cowgirl

P1020274, originally uploaded by neilesilverman.

We were driving to Terikyaki King (our favorite korean/teriyaki joint) on 45th when I decided that we should try this place out. It's on Stoneway in Fremont. Very cute and cozy neighborhood joint. The food came out fast and I was a bit surprised how quick they came out. When the food came out, I was a bit disappointed at the quality and presentation.

I order 1/4 chicken with greens and beans. The greens were simmered in onion and bacon. I guess i was expected bright collard fresh greens, not ones sitting in liquid for some time :( The beans were actually good. My chicken unfortunately looked and tasted like it was carried over from the night before. So dry and chewy, i wish i ordered something else.

Neil ordered pull pork sandwich which actually looked and tasted good. They had a whole side table of hot sauce to select from as well as table sauces ranging from mild to spicy. I used almost 1/2 a bottle to remoisten my chicken hinds.

I'd probably go back under the condition that i have freshed chicken.

For Hiram in GREEN

For Hiram in GREEN, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

i forgot you asked. so here it is. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

animal captivity

animal captivity, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I'm having fun w/ my McDonald's Muppets.

blue crab cake & spinach artichoke dip

We were going to meet TNT at CPK for lunch. We had ordered appetizers but they still didn't show up. When I called, they had canceled on us. :(

The crab cakes were really good.
My chicken milanese was also tasty and it was portioned out for 3.

We went to Underhill to look at some furniture when we remodel the kitchen and TV room in Jan. Looks like it won't start till sometime in Jan and we're probably looking at 2 months.

Back it up!

Back it up!, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Hope you get a chuckle out of this :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I take pictures, photographic pictures

We went to see Beowulf at Imax in 3D. I have to say that i did not get a headache and at times you forget you're wearing them. The last time I was here was to watch Spiderman 3, which was a total let down. Not to mention I was in a cast and walking down the path took forever and I had to stop a few times.

This was a great action movie if you're into that. Too bad it was all CGI as i think it would have been killer if it was live with CGI like LOTR.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

hey baby can you bleed like me

hey baby can you bleed like me, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

It's one of Garbage's song. So does a bloody piece of toilet paper used to blow my nose constitute as ART?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


nothing more fun than reading these :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tutta bella

appetizer and pizza. The marinated mushrooms and hot peppers were delicious! The pizza crust was too soggy for me. Serious Pie so far has the best crust in town.

Cannoli and tiramisu. Why do i bother. The only cannoli i liked was in North Hampton's Joe's. A dive of a restaurant but the only cannoli i've ever savored! Same goes with Tiramisu, never been my favorite.
mmmmmmmmmmmm. maybe not so much.
The bill and our view of Space needle.

This Tutta Bella is their 3rd location in the city @ the 2200 Block (right on Denny).

Flickr's top 500

Everyday, Flickr selects 500 photos and puts them into a category called EXPLORE. I've been lucky to have 14 of my photos noted since I started. I started in very low rankings of 400 something and my latest photo is in the top 100. Take a look :)

1. pierced, 2. Double chocolate Fig, 3. morning mess, 4. we'll ride them someday v.2, 5. you must be my lucky star, 6. Bud Light, 7. shake your pompom, 8. Rocco: Sun Conure, 9. Curves, 10. Sup bitches, 11. sail away, 12. What's in NES bag?, 13. Tanner turns 3, 14. Pork ribs

Monday, November 12, 2007

Put Me Down!

Put Me Down!, originally uploaded by solutionsoap.

this is a photo from solutionsoap i found on Flickr. It's not mine! I've been wanting a french bulldog but I know they would be way too high maintenance with the 2 birds and all.

So I guess I'll just be admiring them through other people's photos!

sleepy head

sleepy head, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

i think it's cute how rocco perches on Neil's shirt and sometimes falls asleep in that position.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bellevue Botanical Garden

golden bamboo, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

I've been enjoying going to the BBG as the season changes and it seems there's always something new and in need of a photo op. Today, they were setting up th holiday lights that will be lighting up the eve after thanksgiving. We should all make it a point to go. I think Tanner and Tyler would get a kick out of all the pretty lights! I've never been and I think it would be fun to take night pictures as I have never had an opportunity.

Thanks to some of my new found Flickr friends, I've been learning to take better photos and use some photo processing programs to "tweak" them. Let me know what you think :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Darjeeling Ltd.

What I like about this or any Wes movie is that it's like "splenda". Taste good, it's sweet, but really it's not like real. It was a cute film but his stylized filming can get a bit annoying. It's all so calculated and rehearsed that when I watch it, I feel like it's not spontaneous. And WTF was Jason doing barefeet the entire movie?

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a nice film and some pleasant moments. The scenes of India were beautiful and amazing but I never felt their relationship was anything more than superficial.

Go see "Dan in Real Life"


schmap, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Has anyone heard of schmap? So anyone, this lady from flickr emails me and asks if they could use my picture and I said of course. No $ but recognition only. Who cares, use it ! :)

So I just received word today that they did include my photo. The calamari from capital grille. I have to say that it was so mean calamari. So good! :) And the best waiter in town!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

oriental spoon

oriental spoon, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

A new place to dine. Oriental spoon.
It's in Factoria (Loehman's plaza) next to starbucks/subway.

The cashier was a ditz cuz she didn't place our california roll but oh well. The bulgogi beef was sweet and very tasty. It came with miso soup. I really liked the spicy seafood udon. 2 clams, a few calamari, 3 shrimps, but lots of oyster mushrooms. The broth was very savory.

Give it a try.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kabob Palace

P1010920, originally uploaded by neilesilverman.

we went to this kabob place right across Seoul Hot Pot. Neil loved it. I thought it as OK. I still think Naan and Curry is the best in town.

Check out Neil's Flickr for photos. :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dan in Real Life

So I kinda knew before watching it that it was going to be some kinda of love drama but I was pleasantly surprised at how much Neil and I loved this movie. It has romance, comedy, love, and happiness. Definitely a chic flic but such a good one! It's a good movie and the soundtrack is unbelievably good!


Rented 3Disc Dexter season 1. So there was Weeds and now you have to watch DEXTER. Why? Cuz it's twisted, it's got amazing acting, and the plot thickens with every show. I think Hiram will really dig it.

I really like the opening sequence. The macro, intentions, and how well executed the scenes are is just amazing. On a side note, watch an episode of PUSHING DAISIES and I will bet that they will win BEST SET and STAGE if that is a category.

So watch it!