Sunday, September 17, 2006

Breakfast @ Pomagranate

Grits, fried eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage. I love the butter toast with jam. The grits are actually quite tasty. I can't resist bacon and the sausage was delicious.
I have to give this 2 out of 5 stars. It's like eating a dense batter of clumpy nuts. You all know I detest dense pancakes. Granted this is oatcake, it still could be fluffier and lighter. It's almost like eating a scone. The flavor, however, is quite nice.
The pizza breakfast was very spicy. However, the waffle like the oatcake was way too heavy and dense.

I guess this being my second visit to Pomagranate, I can't say it's worth a 3rd visit. The service is extremely slow. This time was better than my first visit where we waited close to 45 minutes to be served. Expect to get a refill on your coffee if you ask or flag someone down.

Adequate food but expect slow service with only 3 cooks in the kitchen.

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