Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SM3 Review/ Leg Caddy

Good movie. A bit too long for me. Perhaps it was my leg that was bothering me. I was watching SM2 and noticed that the usher was the same guy as the French waiter. Funny.

Topher Grace was ok, still had his 70s Show demeanor to his character.

I enjoyed the drama parts of the movie and the action was good but a lot of CGI. Wish there was a bit more intricate action sequences.

What was I thinking going to an Imax on crutches? I had to walk forever and then spiral down to the Imax screen and by then I was exhausted. I dreaded knowing that I had go the same route after the movie.

This is my new toy, Leg caddy. I put my broken leg on the cushion and wheel myself around. It's got a brake and steering. No shock absorbers. Although the pressure on my knee is atrocious! But it's fun and I should have taken this to the movie with me.


Gonzo said...

You lazy bastard!

AwungFoo said...

You're just fucking JEALOUS!