Thursday, May 17, 2007

Martin & Osa

Scootered around Bellevue Square the other day. I went looking for a new scooter because the one I have hurts the $#%^ out of my knee. Allcare didn't have it, they had an even more inferior one with no turn wheel. duh!

So as we're scooting around the mall, we realized that KENZIE is gone and in it's place is NAU ( Recycled polyester clothing. Really cool clothes but if you're not "outdoorsy-fit", it's gonna look like crap on you because it's snug and fit.

We stopped by Martin & Osa ( Really love the store. It reminded me of a John Varvatos ( feel to it. It also felt like a branch off from a major chain. When asked, the nice fella said it was 1 of 8 in the country and it's the grown up store of American Eagle. I was quite surprised because the quality was definitely there but would that customer pay for it? The layout was too "mall" for me. I think if they turned it into more of a boutique environment, it would fair better.

There have really nice stuff that's wearable. And considering that it's a mall shop, I'd wait for it to be on sale and it probably will. The orange jacket I liked was on sale from $128 to $60.

Now at A/X, I got a really cool jacket from $128 down to $20. Score!

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