Friday, June 29, 2007

blah blah blah/ Live Free or Die Hard

No pics...

I've taken my ass off the couch and started exercising again. It feels good. I've dropped 5 lbs in a week. Getting there! :) No more (less) junk and crap. Got more energy and eating less. Funny how working out makes me realize how huge portions I eat and I stop myself just when I'm almost full. I hate stuffing my silly to the point of throwing up. Well, holidays, Vegas eating, birthdays, BBQ, fine dining, eating in HNL, and bubble tea doesn't count....does it?

Saw Live Free or Die Hard...Totally awesome Summer blockbuster 'in ya' face" hardcore action!
The banter, comments, remarks is "dead on" funny and hilarious! I give it to Bruce Willis for reprising this role in his 50s. he's still got it...and oh so way better than Stallone! Cameos by Kevin Smith is funny and typical of his character. I really like the scenes with Maggie Q and Bruce Willis. Go see it, you'll agree!


strawberryroses said...

Maggie Q--local girl from Hawaii!

AwungFoo said...

OK...she's HOT