Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tanner Graduates

DSC06227, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Not sure what he was graduating from. But his class had a ceremony which really wasn't a ceremony because it was just a bunch of teachers running around looking for kids to pass out a rolled up piece of paper and a some blowing bubbles necklace.

There was this woman who was talking a lot but obviously, no one was paying any attention to her as they were all too busy running after their kids.

As I was walking towards the group of kids, this guy approaches me and says to me with a clipboard in one hand, "Hi there! May I help you?" WTF? Did I look like a pedophile or something? I had a camera bag with me and sunglasses on. Neil was a few yards behind me and Teri was parking her minivan. So I guess he had a good reason to approach me. I told him, "Ummm...I'm here to attend my newphew's graduation." He says, "Oh you're here to attend the graduation?! Have fun!"

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