Thursday, July 19, 2007


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We went to SAM Gallery to view some painting by one of Debora's friend, Sylvia Poloto. We brought her flowers but she wasn't there. So we walked down to Harbour steps and had dinner at Iponema. We had something similiar in Vegas, Rum Jungle.

I have to say that you get a lot for $34.95. It's all you can eat! 2 buffet bars and they bring you skewered meats and you take as much as you want. Pepper beef, chicken legs, pork wrapped in bacon, parmesian pork, beef ribs, pork ribs, shrimp, lamb, tri tip beef, top sirloin, and I forget the rest.

I do have to say that quantity does not equate to quality. Unless you're in Vegas! Most of the beef smelled and tasted like dog food. I guess to phrase it better, gamey!

There wasn't much flavoring to the meats especially the beef so you really taste the beef. So if you like beef, then definitely, it's worth the money. But I'm just not a fan of gamey meat.

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