Monday, July 09, 2007

Lunch @ Bonefish

Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer. You'd think the shrimp goes down to the bottom of the dish but it doesn't. It sits on a bed of veggies.

I can't believe this stupid halibut fish and chips was $15. It's basically $5 a piece. It wasn't that good and to be honest, the fish n chips at Red Robin is way better tasting and you get a shitload more fish at 1/2 the price! And the 2nd piece of halibut I ate was a tad "fishy".

Salmon caesar salad. Katey said it was good.

Chicken wrap w/ feta cheese. Neil said it was ok.

So the bill ended up being around $65 for 3. Overpriced for really what you get. The decor is inviting, the staff is friendly, and it's where you go when the boss is paying...and in our case, we paid.

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strawberryroses said...

Some tasty food you got there. I'm totally phobic of birds, but I think Max is cute.