Monday, July 02, 2007

Vegas Again and Again

So July 27th to 31st. Hang out w/ the Zee's and then WSA show. Shoes shoes shoes! I'm looking fwd to looking for some men's sneaks!

Then back again in August.... WTF!

Oh and hey suck for not asking if Ahhh Neil and I would like to join you for the LOVE show...7pm? 10pm?

Cya your asses in 25 days.


strawberryroses said...

10 PM. Lots of tickets left. Please come. Pretty please.

strawberryroses said...

Saturday--just checked tickets get them while they still have them.

strawberryroses said...

I think you get a discount b/c you'll be living at the Mirage. Buffet dinner and then a show baby!