Sunday, July 15, 2007

LA Cafe

Fun colorful interior. LA Cafe is located in the New Kowloon Center in Chinatown.

Fruit Salad was weird. Sweet watermelon w/ whip cream and a side of Italian dressing. I didn't touch it.

Silver noodles with prawn. Too mushy.

Roasted chicken with ketchup fried rice. This is not like the one in L.A. The chicken wasn't roasted but fried. I was basically eating fried chicken.

Mama ordered BBQ pork and Wonton noodle for Neil. Noodle was actually good but the wonton was mediocre.

So we're never coming here again because the food was just okay. The stupid girl who took our order forgot to put one of the hotpot in and the guy kept telling us it takes 10 minutes and after 20 and then 30, Mama yells at him to check and he comes back and says it was never entered. So instead of checking, he just makes up an excuse. Then the girl wouldn't even come to our table to say sorry but I see that she tells the other guy that we nevered ordered it.

We had to keep asking for water and Neil asked for a refill of Diet Coke and brought him regular Coke.

Horrible service and mediocre food.

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