Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Day w/ LTR

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Our old employee, Lauran, is in town for a wedding and we spent part of the day hanging out. We ate at Matt's @ Pike Place Market. For anyone who's never been here, you must go! It's soooo good!
There's a new dessert place on Pike also call CHOCOLATE BOX and they have really delicious gelato. If the rest of their dessert is as good as their gelato, I'll come back and try them all..especially their mini cupcakes. German chocolate and coconut! Need I say more?
Then off to Dahlia Lounge for coconut cream pie! We don't head into the city much so why not make a day of it?

Then we went to OLYMPIC SCULPTURE PARK. It's really nice and I guess it's 90% LANDSCAPE park and 10% Sculpture. The only piece I like was the rusted iron waves. A girl sat next to it so her mom could take her picture and a lady w/ her kid was commenting that the sign says to not touch the art, you're ruining it!

DAMN SEATTLE! It's public art and it's outdoor. Hmmm....with all the damn rain we get, you think someone touching it will ruin it? Whatever! We went and touched everything! touch touch touch!

Then off we went to Gossip for taro bubble shake w/ extra tapioca and a visit to Volunteer Park to ooooh at th Dahlias.

And of course, she had to come do some damage at the stores. She's carrying her new Botkier shoulder bag! The Tano has been retired.


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strawberryroses said...

I remember Lauren. She had longer hair when I was visiting a long time ago. She looks good.