Saturday, August 18, 2007

Staffing Part III

So if you go back and read about the 2nd person who I hired b/c we needed the staffing. Well, today was her first day and she showed up a few minutes late. We had her try on a bunch of jeans and we gave her tips on the fit and who to sell it to. When I asked her who she would sell the jeans that she was trying to, she said, " I don't know." She then tried on a pair of pants I gave her and instead of telling me it didn't fit, she put on her own pair of jeans and came out and gave them back to me that it didn't fit. She didn't bother to ask for the next size up. Grade: F.

She was then given the 2nd task of finding an outfit for a customer who had 15 minutes to shop and was double parked. She spent 10 minutes slowly perusing the store and came back with a pair of jeans and brown top. No shoes, no jewelry, and she didn't even know if the sizing was correct or bother to ask the size. Grade: F.

On top of that, she was asked to do the simple selling guideline of GIST. Greet. Inquire. Suggest. Thank. She wouldn't talk to people. She didn't say a word to her co-workers. She was so quiet that I had to ask her to speak up 3 times and she still didn't. I left a few hours to finish up some work at the office and when I came back, I asked her how she was and she said ok. Then I watched her for a bit and she basically stood in a corner while people walked through the store. I called her over and asked her what the simple selling guideline rule was. She said she didn't remember. So I said GIST. Then I asked her what GIST stood for and she said, "Greet. Ummmm...I forgot." Grade: F.

So basically, at this point, I was going to release her and she did me one better. He started hyperventilating and getting all nervous. I knew it was coming and she said, "I thought I was going to be good at this, but it's not for me." I said, "OK, let me get your stuff out of the backroom and you can leave." Got her stuff and said bye! Grade: F.

So how could I have possibly hired her? She had over 5+ yrs of customer service experience. She was relatively interested and look the part. Just goes to show you that outer appearance doesn't make up for what's lacking INSIDE!

Had another interview today but she called and said her relative is sick and in the hospital and would not be able to accept the position. First off, she left a message and 2nd, she wasn't offered the job, it was an INTERVIEW!

I have 2 so far that will be starting next week and I have another interview set up.

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