Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marazul's bento box

Marazul's bento box, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

At the base of Denny Regrade is the new complex of Paul Allen's vision for his new Seattle, 2200. We were asked to occupy the space next to Starbucks. Maybe we should have opened a store like Details in NYC or a men's store.

There's like really cute pet store call SCRAPS.

We wanted to test the food at Marazul. Latin/Asian infusion.

As you can see the Bento box is interesting.

Chimichurri skirt steak was good. What I thought was hash was a combo mix of potato, jam, and beets.

Ahi Ceviche was ok, not great. The orange bowl although interesting was obviously not fresh but rather dried out and hard. Intentional?

Fried plantain was overcooked.

Don't use bib lettuce in heart of palm salad. It wilts and gets mushy very quickly.

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