Sunday, April 29, 2007


Love Target. I finally decide to get my fat ass back in the gym and I go break my leg. So not only am I getting fat from being bored and stuffing my face, I gotta get new shorts. Thanks to Target, you can get cool shorts for under $20 and some under $10. I remember when Mossimo first lauched and was so excited to get a piece of the collection!

I got 5 pairs of Mossimo cargo shorts and new socks.

Saw Rear Window yesterday afternoon on VOD! Good movie. Started watching French Connection but I fell asleep.


Ikue said...

First time seeing Rear Window? You must have identified with the handicapped character.

strawberryroses said...

acutally my comment

AwungFoo said...

yes...and hopefully, I won't break the other leg anytime soon.