Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Never take oxycodon unless you want to be constipated. Eat lots of veggies or fiber tabs. Having been doped up on it for 2 days, I ended up with bloating, nausea, and massive headaches. The headaches were obvious from no coffee for 3 days.

I went to the ER and they took x-rays of my bowels and the ER doctor said my bowels were pretty much blocked. My nausea was from the meds so I'm only taking tylenol.
She gave me some oral liquid laxative that taste like concentrated sour patch kids candy. SOUR!

So today, I've been sitting on the potty clearing my bowels and I had coffee. Yeah! No more headaches, and tummy is better. Ate some toast and jam.

But this removable cast is so heavy, it's like carrying 40 lbs of weight on a broken foot. Who's stupid idea was that?

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Gonzo said...

I got a home for your pain meds...