Friday, April 13, 2007

drunk tweeker

Neil was in the kitchen when he saw a shadow in the front door. Unfortunately, the front door is frosted so we can't really see out or in. He heard a quiet knock and opened the front door to see a tall skinny white kid looking all drunk and tweaked out. Neil screamed at him to get the fuck out and slammed the door shut and called 911. They came to check out the neighborhood.

Maybe he was trying to break in and was surprised that Neil opened the door and he took off. Who knows. But I gotta tell you, I'm ready for this week to be over!

I saw The pursuit of Happyness. It was ok. I've watched a whole week of Regis and Kelly. Pat Sajak was the co-host as Regis is out recovering from surgery. Pat's kinda funny. Then I watched Rosie banter with Elizabeth on The View.

My novacaine has worn off and yes, my leg is now in pain. I finally gave in and took some vicodin with lots of food and water.

I have to tell you. Don't break a leg. It's a bitch getting in and out of the tub to shower. I got a chair for the tub but it's now even more of a pain to maneuver my way in and sit down.

And lets talk about trying to put on underwear and pants. I have to get myself on the floor, lay on my butt, throw my legs up and try to put on one leg at a time. But the problem is I can't move my broken leg so it's like trying to lasso my leg w/ my underwear.

Right now, I'm taking the advice of the nurse by icing the area under my knee. She says it helps w/ the swelling and the itchiness.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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strawberryroses said...

hah, i remember sitting in the tub with a bucket of H20