Friday, April 06, 2007

Sleep Apnea

Neil spent last night at Virginia Mason's Sleep Center to evaluate his sleep apnea. It seems he stops breathing every few minutes. Pretty scary. His 02 saturation dropped down to 70%! When they put him on the CPAP, he didn't have an episode and slept through the whole night.
Unfortunately, this is what you'll have to stick on your head every night. I tried it on, it's quite plush and comfy on the head, not tight or binding. The plastic nose hose is quite soft and silicon like. I think it took the scientist a lot of trials to get it right.

The only problem now is what to do with Max. He sleeps on Neil's head but lately he's been sleeping on my chest under the covers. He loves chewing on plastic and I'm not sure if we're that keen on having him chew through the respirator mask ($150) each night as a toy.

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Gonzo said...

Tell Neil to paint his face black, paint that thing black, put it on, and walk around telling everyone he's Darth Vader.