Saturday, May 31, 2008

jalepeno poppers

jalepeno poppers, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Last night, after an early matinee of "Sex and the city", we stopped by Coho Cafe because I rememeber ther jalepeno poppers were really good. At 6pm, it was packed full and we were able to sneak in the lounge/bar and grab the table just as a couple was leaving.

The waitress was kinda whatever. She kept asking us about drinks...
so we got a diet and club soda...both with lime please.

Anyway, Neil ordered the pistachio chicken and was told they were sold 6pm? Right.... So anyway, we ordered these poppers and they didn't look anything like this. I didn't bring my camera with me this time:(

The asparagus that accompanied my fish was so dried out and charred that I commented to Neil that it was like that episode of Top Chef where CJ served some overcooked broccolini to the airline people. It should have never gone out!

So last night, as we were leaving I picked up a comment card and was going to let them know that their food was inconsistent. The service was fine, not great, not bad. Later in the evening, I went online and found that I could email them my comment. :) woo hooo!

This morning, I received a nice letter from the manager apologizing for their inconsistency in their food and would like to offer us a gift certificate to return and dine again.

Ya betcha!

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Jamie R.S said...

I really like the Coho Cafe - nice people all around and good, solid food and a fun atmosphere. THat's so nice they offered you a gift certificate - their customer service is as good as any in the industry in terms of follow up and sincerity...