Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Idiot Drivers

I think they should have a test that all drivers in Seattle show competency in driving when it's too sunny, too rainy, and a threat of snow!
It took us hours this evening to drive home where it normally takes 20 minutes.

1. All the newcasters scare everyone about the hazzardous driving conditions. We drove from Seattle to Bellevue and even though it was snowing, the roads were wet so there was NO reason to be driving 5mph! And somehow all the cars in the express HOV lane (99% of them )were single drivers! MOFO!!!

2. The hill going down to our house had a lot of slush but of course, cars decided it was ok to just strand themselves dab right in the middle of the hill blocking both lanes. 3 cars decided that going in reverse up the hill while cars were coming down was a good idea. The idiot cop just stared at all the cars and drove away!

I can't wait for tomorrow when it's suppose to ice over and everyone will call in and say they can't make it to work. How does anyone on the east coast conduct business or make it out of their house if we can't even manage the itsy bitsy snow!

LEARN HOW TO DRIVE! Anyone obtaining a driver's license should have to pass a driving test in moderate climate conditions and if they don't pass, they're not allowed to drive! PERIOD!


Gonzo said...

Must have been Asian drivers.

strawberryroses said...

Stupid Washingtonians.