Friday, October 03, 2008


It's my photo on the cover of PI online paper! :) Nice! I'm excited to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist later today. We finally let go one of our new employees. She was just too much. When we pointed out all the issues we had as to why she's being let go, she started cursing and screaming at Neil in the store. Mental note: Remember to not let them back inside after they've been let go. She said we're firing her because she was our #1 salesperson and all the other girls were jealous of her. Yup, that's a smart way to conduct business, fire your #1 and keep the dead weight? She was so delusional and played the dumb blonde every chance she had. After she was gone, she wrote a lengthy email saying how we were legally to pay her immediately and was going to talk to her lawyer and report us to L&I, blah blah blah. Good riddance!

The economy has finally tanked. Business has slowed down exponentially. We were at U Village to see how other neighborhoods are fairing and I was surprised to see their parking lot very empty. Usually, we can never find parking and end up driving around a few times before anything opens up. Stores were empty with too much inventory and staff just standing around.

The only 2 stores with any activities were Anthropologie and H&M. Anthro had huge sales racks in the back of the store and well, everything at H&M was less than $100. The H&M at U Village is so much better laid out than the flagship store at Southcenter. Well edited and to the point.

Hope this weekend's sales are good. We need it. Our lease is coming up for renewal and our landlord is jacking it up 30% with only 2 years on it. What an asshole. There are assholes and then there are major fucking assholes. No one who leases from them like them, not even the people at Starbucks. What to do?

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Gonzo said...

Lynne loves Anthro but their stuff is terribly expensive. Maybe she should go hit the racks as their stuff is probably on sale at all stores. Hang in there!