Saturday, October 11, 2008


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Babysitting these 2 tonight was a breeze. They played, laughed, asked Neil a hundred questions, attempted to build a crazy building model out of a 1000s parts but abandoned it in a wink of an eye.

When 7:57pm rolled around, they both got up and went to bed. Tyler said he didn't want to sleep alone and I asked Tanner if he was OK with Tyler sleeping with him. Tanner said, "Sure!"

Tyler screamed downstairs that he had to run into his room to get his pillow and blanket. Then Tanner screamed that Tyler was kicking his pillow off the bed. I went upstairs and told them that if they made anymore noise that I would send Tyler back to his room.
No more ruckus after that. When I went up to check on them, they were both sound asleep.

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