Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So undoubtedly, staffing will always be an issue in retail. Currently, we are dealing with hiring an entire new staff as our team will be leaving back to school and away for an extended vacation. I have posted ads on Craigslist and I'm amazed at some of the applicants. Even though I have included a link to our blog, they still show up late saying they didn't know where we were or who we were. I mean come on, you're interviewing and you have no questions for me ...at all.

Here's some questions that I do get. So what made you decide to work here? They're asking me this!? Wait, One said, "Oh the clothes here are too elegant for me." When I asked another one what she was thinking, she said, "I'm wondering what my dog is doing right now." Ummm OK.

I've been interviewing for weeks and I'm floored at how unprepared most of them are. They show up in drab, are lost, can't complete sentences, and/or have blank stares.

I have 1 more tomorrow before we leave for Vegas. I'm exhausted.

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ltr said...

"i'm wondering what my dog is thinking" that is priceless.