Saturday, February 03, 2007

No coins allowed!

So nice to leave Vegas. Our original flight was scheduled for 10:48pm but we caught the 4:20pm. So much has changed since our last trip back in August. I guess ALL the strip casinos have decided that our quarters was too ghetto because all the slots for coins have been sealed shut. If you want to play the slot machines, you'll have to use BILLS! WTF!

I wasn't feeling so hot and I never do in Vegas. The crappy beds, the recycled air, and it was damn cold! 30s! This afternoon, I had rice congee soup from Noodle House in Mandalay Bay. Better than the ones here in Chinatown!

We have a lot of shoes and I think I'll flickr it so all of you can see and comment on them. Some good guys also!

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