Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back in town for 1 day

We're back in Seattle for Saturday. Got in at 2am and leave for NYC at 2pm. I feel like I'm on Amazing Race. Each group gets a mandatory 12 hour rest break, the first group to arrive, John and Neil at 2am leaves for NYC at 2pm!!!

I missed LOST, didn't watch Grey's Anatomy. Another week is gonna fly by and I'll miss another week of shows! Now's the time I wish they were all on re-run!!!

We spent Valentine's with a group of 8 eating Chinese. 3 of our friends left their husbands at home w/ the kids. Neil's cousin left her man at home. And only 2 couples. Didn't do anything special except work our asses off and had a good meal!

Although the previous day, we took some friends, to StripSteak. Ummmm, $195 for 6 oz Kobe beef. Needless to say, no one got it because no one was gonna fork the bill for that!

Check out the flickr pics. I'm too lazy... Actually, I %$$$#@# exhausted.

I did find out that some casinos still let you play with quarters! :) :)

Doing laundry and repacking for freezing ass cold weather. Not that Vegas was that warm :(

Happy Chinese new year! :)


Danny said...

You do realize that you can watch all the shows online at the network's website.

AwungFoo said...

of course...but I wanted to watch it to waste time for a 5 hr flight