Wednesday, December 20, 2006

when you're down w/ a cold some dvds

Miami Vice. This movie blows. It's slow. The acting sucks. The story line is stupid. It's way too long. The music blows. Gong Li is there for eye candy. I can't understand half the words coming out of her mouth. Is she speaking english or chinese? Don't waste your time on this.
Oh hear's another stupid movie. Rosario Dawson is the only one who can act and I can't understand why she even bothered staring in this stupid movie. You would think Harold & Kumar goes to White Castle would be the most retarded movie but it's actually really original, and hilarious! This movie on the other hand is just lame. I like Kevin Smith, but everything about this movie blows! It's not funny, it's not clever, it's a lot of idiotic rantings and blubbering. Nate? Have you seen this?


strawberryroses said...

Not yet, but it's on my que

Teri said...

not to mention you bought these two movies.