Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dinner @ Zephyr

Fried Chicken
Flank steak

We ventured down to Kent Station to visit some friends grand opening of their nail salon but the opening was postponed and no one called to alert us. So we decided to eat at Zephyr which is part of Icon (Downtown Seattle). The atmosphere was very nice and the place was huge!

Service was excellent, food was just alright. The artichoke dip was bland. The salad didn't have beet in it and the waitress had to argue w/ the kitchen help that despite what they thought, there's NO beets in the salad. The steak was whatever. My fried chicken was very moist because it was dripping with oil, not flavor.

Our waitress and floor manager came by to ask how we were doing and we told them honestly what we thought and they comp the salad and dip.

We wanted to try the dessert but decided the whole meal was too boring to waste anymore time or $.

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