Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Samsung BlackJack

I didn't like Danny's phone because I thought the volume of the calls weren't very loud and the ring tone was very soft. However, I've been reading up on the BlackJack and it's a lot of bang for the buck. I could have purchased my K790a however, there's no warranty and no returns. Even SE won't warranty their own product if you purchase it from their website, how #$%#$%$ retarded is that???

So I went ahead and got the Blackjack since the Wii wasn't available! hahahaah....
It's very different than a regular phone and there's a lot of features and getting use to buttons that I've never used before. The nice feature is that it has 3G technology which means it's FAST! The phone is 1.3mp which is OK. I'm still trying to figure out the email feature.
And this global warming sucks big time. It's snowing, hailing, freezing, lightning and thunder, power shortages, and ice everywhere is just terrible for business!!!
Happy Holidays!


strawberryroses said...

So, how's the new phone?

Gonzo said...

I got a TMobile Dash which was released a couple weeks before the BJ came out. Windows Smartphones are great!