Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale

Who needs Brosnan when you have Craig. This was by far, the best and freshest Bond in years. You can't compare him to Sean Connery but he kicks Roger Moore's ass!

The moview was over 2 hours but I'll go see it again and will probably buy it on DVD. Why? There was great action, great acting, Bond one liners, and the best part, in my opinion, is the human factor so lacking in the Bond films I grew up with.

Watching Casino Royale, I couldn't help but think how the fight scenes in Moore-Dalton-Brosnan movies were really about gadgetry and no one really gets hurt. Whereas, the fight scenes here are a bit brutal and not a single gadget and I didn't miss the scene of Q demonstrating all the gadgets Bond would end up using to get him out of a bind. In fact, the only gadget I wanted was his cell phone! Remember the K790a SE phone I've been wanting for months? It's the limited edition version in Silver. Kickass. And as difficult as it is to find the K790a in Brown, where the *$U)$#%U am I gonna find it in Silver?

I hope Daniel Craig sticks around for a few more and we see more of the new Bond! I give this 9 of out 10 stars. Why not 10? The movie was a bit too long and what's up with the stupid token old Chinese woman who didn't have a single line? Why bother?

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strawberryroses said...

Just saw it and agree Craig is a fresh Bond